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19 April 2009


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What a lovely quilt - I even like the backing. Those campers are just too cute!!!


What a pretty quilt! I love the little campers...that is just too cute!


Great job, Penny! And you even quilted it yourself!! I'm impressed. Your stitches are so even. Love the randomness of it all.


I really dig the little campers. Such a cute addition to a fun quilt top.


I love it! I have never attempting a wonky block, but this looks so fun!


the campers are the perfect touch!! Isn't this quilt festival fun!?


I love your quilt and what a nice touch with the quiltiing. I gave my first quilt to my grandson but I do have pictures of it.


Wow! for your first quilt you did amazing! OMG the little campers is sooo cute.


ok those campers are the most adorable things ever!!! My first quilt is definitely my most favorite...


Adorable, summery quilt...love the campers!


first quilts are always special as they show the journey...i love the campers on the road also travelling the journey..


What a fun looking quilt. You did a great job for a first quilt.


I love it Penny!What a fun, fruity, happy quilt! I love the campers too! xx


Excellent work, wish my first quilt was a lovely!

Being a camper and a quilter, I love the small images of the camping trailers, they made me smile.

Amy Sp

A great artsy feel to this one. Good job! And I agree that you must keep your first quilt :)


I just love your Fruit Salad quilt, especially the campers! Too cute!


Penny - you had that creative flair right off the bat! I would never have thought of the campers - how cute!


I love it, it's got a lot of charm.


Very cool Penny -- I love those little campers -- what a FUN idea!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

I'm so glad that you've kept it - maybe you should hang it!? Looks to be a good size to be inspired by :) Thanks for participating!


Don't you just love to quilt? The more you do, the better you get. I love the campers that is a great touch! What kind of embroidery machine do you use? Lovely quilt!


I love this quilt. The colors are stunning yet gentle. Lovely!!

Penny G

Love your quilt. The wonky blocks are great, and the colors are beautiful. the binding pops the colors and the backing is beautiful.


there are so many things i love about this quilt...first, the name, second the campers (so you to do something so cool), the fabric, the blocks, the back...need i go on. thanks for sharing (good thing you kept it!)


Oh my goodness, that little camper is too cute! A beautiful quilt.

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