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07 April 2009


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Major score! That is so cool!

Bummer about the socks though. I hate shrinking things in the wash.


{Gasp!} Those socks shrunk! It's a knitting emergency -- we must get you knitting replacements immediately!!!


I keep hearing talk of feedsack ? I think of feedsacks as white not in these beautiful colors. What were they used for?


Ok I went on the link you have and found out about "feedsacks" thank you so much...would never believe this was what they used that beautiful material for...How Lucky are you...What a fortune.


i think i could think of better ideas if you sent the feedsacks to me and i saw them in person! :)

actually...i made my dad a quilt for christmas out of a feedsack...but it was the old regular kind...chickens on front and the weight...it turned out really cute.

your so creative...you'll come up with the perfect thing and i can't wait to see what it is :)

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Amazing collection, esp considering how much they are going for over there -- gasp! I know that you will come up with the perfect project - just set them in your line of vision for a while and stare :) That's what I do!


I'm waiting to see what you do. I have a few feedsacks myself that I'm afraid to cut into too for the same reasons. I just like to open the drawer and look at them sometimes.


I couldn't cut into those, they're just so beautiful stacked up in a little while. What a wonderful gift!


I would just pile them up and stare at them. I don't think I could ever cut into them. In fact I have a small pile of feedsack prints of my own and I have a hard time taking scissors any where near them. They are all so pretty! At least if you find an awesome vintage feedsack quilt that needs repairs done, you have authentic fabrics to mend with.


Oh, lovely pile! We were at a quilt expo this weekend and I almost bought some feedsacks, but I knew I would have a hard time cutting into them. Now I regret not getting some since you are paving the way!


Mary Mashuta has a book (Cotton Candy Quilts: Using Feed Sacks, Vintage & Reproduction Fabrics: Using Feedsacks, Vintage and Reproduction Quilts) that would be good. I like the patterns even for non feedsack fabric.


WOWEE! What a treasure! I see I great big quilt. Didn't you win that one from Sarah? Use it as your inspiration!
Have fun. Can't wait to see what you create.


I have never heard of it, thanks for posting the info. That is very cool that they have been kept in such good condition all these years. What great ideas people had so many many years ago.

I may have to ponder this one for awhile. They are almost to special to cut...I wonder what their stories are? That may help?
Lucky ducky!


I have some feedsack that belonged to my grandmother, in fact, I see a couple of prints in your pile that I have. I know what you mean about cutting into it. I don't have the heart to. But I have used a few scraps here and there in scrap quilts. I am working on a grandmother's flower garden quilt that I put some in, and I did a spool quilt that I used some in. It's just as much fun to put scraps of it in things, I think.


Arlene is an incredible friend, Penny! How about making some of the aprons in your vintage pattern? Or some of your laundry sacks?


Ok Penny, here goes. Try covering a used tin can filling it with florest foam and dried flowers. Can fit any decor and makes a great gift for special friends.
Then there are angels. Cut a tube shape and stiffen with starch around a cone shape, say a styrofoam one covered in saran so it won't stick. When dried put on a fabric head or bead with or without a face, some yarn hair and then wings. There's another gift for a friend. It can be made with a note for the occasion whether just thinking of you or special friend.


How abot a fabric Easter egg or four or one of your fabric pears?
Hem one or two with a nice complementary fabric you have in your stash and use it as a table scarf.
Make a throw pillow.
Make a friendship throw for yourself to snuggle under.
Hot pads or mits or trivets.
Make a cover for the toaster or coffee maker.
How about curtains?

Gretchen Skovron

sounds like arlene might need a little something special.. those are awesome!


After staring and drooling I'd make a quilt!


oh my goodness..what a score. these are beautiful! i'd put them in a quilt for sure....i have a feedsack quilt from my mom...it's my fav of all time.


When knitted things shrink you can put them in the freezer & when stiffening, you can take them out & gentle reshape them to size.

Love those feedsacks!

TTFN ~ Marydon

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