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03 April 2009


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Love that rose oven mitt... now if only it fit my kitchen color theme - orange, yellow, red - (hint hint ;-)) I would buy it out of that etsy shoppe of yours!!


Penny....Oh my! That is adorable. Who would have thought to put the rose on there?

What a great idea...love it!


super cute idea!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

SO cute! I love the fabrics too :)


You are funny....wish I had fairies in my sewing area.


your roses are incredible Penny, sooooo beautiful and this oven mitt is to die for, thank you for the tutorial too!! I MUST try this

Jane Weston

I used to have that pattern...I inherited it from my grandmother...sadly I left it behind when I moved to the UK. Love your updated version of the oven mitt.


Penny, your little fairies are amazing!!!


Very cute! It looks too pretty to be an oven mitt!


Awesome! I'm very impressed. Keep those fairies workin.


Ooooh, very cute Penny!


That is soooo cute!! I just love the rose on it. I think it makes the whole thing look lovely!

Karen aka Grammy Mac

Your rose gives a lot of character to what is a very cute oven mitt...now it's goregeous;)

The voice of melody

That has to be the cutest oven mitt ever!


I'm not suprised you can@t get these out of your system they are lovely!! Love the oven mitt you have made.


LOVE IT!I am a rose motif addict, now I have another way to enjoy them, thanks!


Beautiful ! I love the rose and am so going to try it out. My hubby is not a thrift store man either but actually OFFERED to take me to a car boot sale on mothers day. Yep, I'm sad...a car coot sale on mothers day was fab (shame the kids didn't think so...) !


How lovely! I would be worried about ruining such a lovely thing!

Love the apron patterns too!


You know I used to think of the Thrift stores the way Lenny does...but once I found the treasures they hold, everything I touch is gold!! I'd make up some of those aprons to go with the potholder, Penny - cuuute!


love that mitt and love that pattern!!! My husband is exactly the same, lol... turns his nose and won't touch a thing, lol...

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