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17 May 2009


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Hi Penny! I just had to laugh when I saw your post. I have had the same problem.. I can't seem to get on board with posting. I seem to be on an extended break.... maybe its the time of year, or just the ebb and flow of the whole blog thing..
Lovely block btw, that will make a fantastic baby afgahan!! Take care!


OMG Penny, that square is awesome. I have to go get the pattern now. I'm with you on posting less frequently. I'm trying to do once a week and that is hard too! It seems like all I was getting done is playing on the computer. As you know I quit posting for awhile and I seriously thought about quiting all together but missed it at times. I'm not visiting as much either. I actually go days without turning on the computer. I don't know how some people do it all.


I tried that, but found the pattern so difficult, but that was about a year ago, so maybe I'll try it again. Yours is beautiful!!


beautiful work, penny! see you next week!


Very pretty!


I think it's Spring Fever in blogland. I'm having the same problem too -- what a good solution you've found. That daisy is ADORABLE!


this is GORGEOUS! 3 of my favorite colors together.

Jody Blue

that is cool! Bamboo yarn?? I have PJ's made from bamboo and theyare so so comfy. I'm headed to Hobby Lobby today, I will be found in the yarn section!


Those are really cute! and I want a Hobby Lobby! I keep hearing about and seeing great things from there!

I hear you on the posting. I had to cut back there for a while too. It's hard to balance everything.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

I have that problem all the time! back and forth trying to find the balance :) Love your square - it's a super cute pattern! and great colors :)


Good idea Penny...I love those type of afghans, they remind me of my grandmother...good memories. Can't wait to see yours, by the looks of that square it will be amazing.


Hi Penny, im finding the same problem too, just can't seem to find the time but still love popping into my fav blogs to see what you have been up to, loving the crochet square! xx


I love your banner :) The square is very nice.

amy ( sew~amy)

I love the brown and blue together. and daisies are my fav flower.


Gorgeous yarn Penny! It almost looks as though its been felted! I haven't been a blogger in the spring/summer until now and I certainly can see why you want to go down to one post a week! There is so much more to do this time of year! Looking forward to next week!

The voice of melody

Oh that's the boat so many of us are in at this time. Too many things to do, and too little time to do it in. I just did a post about it last week as I also have been spending a lot less time on the computer. Family comes before the old 'puter!

By the way, I just love what you're making. There's no Hobby Lobby around here but I've heard great things about that place. Looking forward to visiting you again next week. :)


Hi, Penny! The square is beautiful, as is all that you do! I've been off of the computer for a while, too, so it was fun to get caught up with your blog.

I love your Chacos, by the way!


I really want to learn to crochet! This is darling!


Hi Penny,
I love your work! Beautiful!
I saw a crocheted pattern of yours and I like (if you can and want)to have it! The pattern name is "Daisy edging". Can you give it to me, if you like? please!If necessary I will pay for!
Best regards,

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