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15 June 2009


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That apron is a great pattern! I love it - and the crochet flowers. What a great idea to make up a long strip of them! That quilt is looking great. I can hardly wait to see the whole thing.


Great job on the Alma which happens to be MY mother's name. Love the flowers on the pockets. Now are you gonna make one to put on Etsy??


Love the browns and blues of the quilt. I think the border may just work out.


What a great idea to remake the apron. And those crocheted flowers! The bomb! The quilt looks fabulous too. Awesome post! ooxx`jodi

Karen aka Grammy Mac

I love your 'Alma' Apron;) What a lucky mom you have...that she has a talented daughter that is able to make this apron for her;) Mighty cool...Your quilt is mighty cool, too;)

Renee E

Alma is cool. I love the no tie too!


Pretty colors here today!

The apron and the quilt are beautiful!


Love everything, the apron would make any mother happy and I love the colors in the quilt - very earthy.


Slip on aprons are nice! I like the sweet details on the apron's pocket. I love the chocolate and orange tones of your quilt too!


I really like your apron!


Hi Penny. I love the apron you just put together. I think it would be very comfy to cook or bake in. I wanted to say hi and ask if I could link you to my blog. www.fromscratchbaby.blogspot.com. I've been away from the creative blog world for awhile, but now that I am settling into my new life after our move I am easing back in. Your blog was one of the first creative one's that got me going down this road. I don't know if you remember, but I made one of your bags a little more than a year ago.


I think that border is PERFECT! Nice job!!!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Love the apron design! Very clever :) Your quilt is looking GREAT!! I'm excited to see more :)


I love the apron! It is just so much fun that people are making them and using them again!


Exactly the style of apron I have been looking for!! It's just perfect - you did a beautiful job fixing it. :-)


Well, in that case, this may or may not be an early comment for the drawing {wink}{wink}{backatcha!} That apron is so cute -- I love aprons that are smock style like that one!


I love finding those old aprons and tweeking them. My mom loves those kind too that she doesn't have to tie. Do you think they were from the 40's?


How did I miss this post!? That apron is adorable. And I'm loving the quilt! Esp. with the bright border. :)


I disagree about the bright border. I love it!


darling apron! and loving the quilt..can't wait to see it all done!

Gene Black

Love that quilt, I will be watching for the giveaway!

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