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26 August 2009


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Bravo Penny! And those little guards are adorable.

shelia fisher

and i thought i had problems! giggle ....:)


We have a shop here in town that has some of the fabric in your picture because I made an amy butler bag out of the same fabric,(the blue w/ orange flowers. She may have some other pieces from the same collection. Send me a message if you are interested in me checking it out for you. Jackie


Well done on taking some action!


A good cause - I'll be posting about it!

Betty Anne

I just love your little guards. I checked out the site and have decided that I really must get some, but first I have to solve 2 problems. The first is which to buy -- they are all so cute and second, where to put them so that my cat Gidget doesn't get them and drown them in the water bowl (she loves to put all her soft furry balls into the water -- weird cat I know -- and these little animals look a lot like her play balls). Oh the dilemas of life : )


Good for you...hope it works! Can you add me to the sidebar as welll. I posted over at the blog as well if that helps!


I'm certainly here to lend support, Penny! After my VTT post tomorrow, I'll mention this on my next post! Feel free to add me to the sidebar as a supporter!! (And thanks for the link for those adorable little creatures!!!)


Wonderful idea, I am in! Pam in Chico


I am so all over THAT. I signed your petition, and I'm posting about it also. I missed out on almost all of the FMF craze, but was able to score a charm pack and some yardage off of ebay. I so so want more! Thanks for the effort. I've often wondered why they didn't go into a reprint with the continued demand it has.


I am a FMF freak! I am also having a giveaway on my blog in the pink colorway! Stop by for a chance to win! Spread the word!

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