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03 August 2009


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Bev C

Wow,that is the cutest snail I have seen. He would look just at home in my family room. Happy days.


count me in penny! I think he would look pretty darn cool on my desk! thank your friend for the giveaway.......

Janey Joop


I would display him in my kitchen where I love to spend time and could admire him often. ~Janey Joop


hu me again.....already follow you.......like a hawk!!!! ;)


I think this little snail would look perfect in my bathroom. Very cute. LindaSonia (baddabinda@yahoo.com)

Just Susan

Hi Penny,
I would put him on the table in my front entrance, everyone coming to or through the door would get to admire him. Sooo cute, thanks for the giveaway. ~Susan

Just Susan

You are on my blog roll. ~Susan

Just Susan

I am now a follower. ~Susan

Just Susan

Gary (named by my children from SpongeBob) is the cutest snail and he says he wants to live at my house. I have posted on my blog. ~Susan


I love the snail! I'd keep it - it's my Bday this weekend and I'd put it in the living room! I only decorate with things that make me smile and this definately fits the bill!


I have you on my blog roll - with updated address!


I follow you via google reader - hope that counts!


Hi Penny,
i think i would place him on my antique buffet hutch as a little night light. so cute!



My hubby is building us a craftsmen style bedroom set. He is almost finished with the two nightstands and this little snail would look perfect sitting on my side of the bed....


and i've been a follower for awhile!
have a great day!


You have nice friends to give you a new give away item! This little guy is oh so
cute! Ok...here is the story..
I recently lost my camera in a child related death...the camera not the child...child was the cause... I had at the
begining of this year took on my brother's
children(he had died from cancer and the
year before his wife had died in a car acident due to a drunk driver.) Sooo I
have a fun house, but very full. I feel
guilty to spend money for myself and thus
can not finish my blog or my flickr.
(We mothers tend to be like that dont we..hehe, I know you moms out there are like this too! You know who you are!)
My super sweet friend will be sending me
a camera that she has and thus if I am lucky and win one of these little guys would love to send him along to a super new
home. She has a love of snails and he would
be loved. Thank you for this chance!
Here is her site if you would like to get
to know her. She is a lovely person!
Loads of love,
rane and kids.


What perfect timing. I've been thinking how I need a snail lamp for my living room. ;-) But now that you mention it...I'd love one!


okay, I just joined your site using that Google friend connect thingie. No clue what that actually does...I already subscribe to your feed via Google Reader.


Thanks for the giveaway!! I would put this cute thing in my room!


I am a follower!

Sherrill Pecere

The snail is adorable..what a GREAT idea for a giveaway. Thanks both of you!

Victoria Nemecek

Would love to be able to put this in my little girls' room!


This is cute! This will go to my office =)
Thanks for hosting!


oh my gosh - that is the cutest lamp I have ever seen! It is screaming to come live on my bedside chest, can you hear it? lol.

I follow you via my blogroll - that's how I'm here, I was concerned about your rash ;)


How cute - love this little lamp. I think he wants to come live in my kitchen here in Texas!!

Amy - parkcitygirl

cute lamp! nice hook ups Penny :)

I joined up with the goog-widget!


I'm torn between my living room and my studio. If I am lucky enought to win the little guy, I'll have to see what I'm feeling when I see him!! :)


I'm a follower!


I think some hydrocortisone cream will help with that rash. :)

Cute snail! I'm not sure if I'd be able to part with him - he'd be cute in my kid's room (Up on a HIGH shelf).


and yes, i am now your google friend too :)


and one more. You're on my sidebar, since, like, a millenia ago. :)


I'd give that cute snail to my animal loving niece. I don't do any "following" 'cause it messes up my google reader and lists the blogs twice. And I've had you linked forever and the link is just fine -- I just checked it!

Laurie McIntosh

Love the snail lamp I would put it in my bed room it is so cute.


hey there, you've been on my blogroll for ages (i updated it with your new link). if i won the snail lamp i'd put in in the mantlepiece (over the open fire) in our new house, we'll be moving in 2 weeks!!! i'm so excited as i've never had a house before - always apartments so i hope it's more homey! love lyndi *


So cute! I would love this in my bedroom, on my windowsill!


It would have to go in my sewing room, what a happy little little lamp


Adorable. I'd put this in my daughter's room!


you are already on my blogroll...will update the link..I got the error when I clicked it, so will update it!


I would probably put him in my kitchen since that is where I spend most of my time. Than way I can enjoy him often.


I'm following now


I wouldn't give this cutie away, I'd put him as a night light in our pool bath. Very cute and love the colors!

Lisa R.


Hello Penny - if I won this little cutie, he would find a home in my office which definitely needs a night light! It's also where my granddaughter sleeps when she's here at night and she would love it...
Cute giveaway; thanks for posting it.


I blogged about the giveaway at http://magnoliasurprise.blogspot.com/
And, yeah, I snagged the pic!


Back again -- I added you to my blogroll (was gonna do it anyway) :)


and one more time! I am now following you on Google Friend Connect. Thanks again for the super giveaway.

Ruth B

How cute is that? I would put it in my new living room. Of the new house that I will have someday. After we sell this house and I can move to Wisconsin where my husband is already working. It is a happy light for a happy home which I will have when we sell our house.

Renee E

I would give this to my Mom who loves stained glass. He is adorable!


Ohh, what a cute piece. This would look great in our office. Thanks for the great giveaway.


I am, and have been following you! Lead on...


You are on my blog roll, at least I think so, I am still learning this stuff. You were there a minute ago, when I looked....and the link even worked :)

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