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23 October 2009


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Holy stash! I'm in awe and totally envious! And so sorry to hear about your machine! I'm always in fear something will happen to mine. Fingers crossed they actually fix it soon!


I am in awe, that is spectacular!


Penny is this your sewing room? Golly wow! What a marvelous stash! It's super organized too!


I have a brilliant solution to your too large? stash...that will end your guilt and sewing maching problem at the same time...send it all to my house! LOL
I'm good at ignoring guilt.

Best of luck with the machine...is it your metal plate thingey over the feed dogs?


Now, that is a fine looking stash!

Donna Harville Tiner

What an amazing stash! How do you keep the fabric clean out on open shelves?


I'm going to justify my fabric collection by showing your stash photo to my husband. He has no idea! Hope you figure out the issue with your machine!


maybe it's something in the air...i've been trying to quilt my monet quilt and and having fits with skipped stitches....i'm about to pull my hair out! on another note...friend, you need to join fabrics anonymous....that's quite a stash you have!!! are you sure you fit in that room?


I hope they get your machine fixed! That is a lovely bunch of fabric. It doesn't look like too much to me!

Jody Blue

Oh my lands! That is an amazing fabric collection (if its a "collection" there is no obligation to do something right away) I have an old machine, I had a break age thing going on, changed the face cover(thingy the needle goes threw when it goes down)seemed to do the trick...for now.


My word! I can't believe how organized it all is. I don't have half that much and can't keep it all from falling over! This makes me want to shop!


Holy stash batman! Yep, I'm comming over to sew at your house!!! I hope they figure out what is going on with your maching!


Wowzer!!! Wow...speachless! Good luck with "your" problem....can't wait to see what the shop owner says you are doing wrong! :0 hee hee!


Hope you get it fixed ok - your stash is out of control, I love it!


So sorry to hear of your machine troubles, there is nothing worse then that! Especially when your in that get er done mode!!
I am dying over here looking at your stash!
Wow,that is a thing of beauty!!

Cristin Wilson

My machine is going in for its annual checkup too... I hope they get it back to me in LESS than a week! I Hope you are able to fix your needle-breaking problem, sounds infuriating! And you have a jaw-dropping amount of fabric, you should open a fabric shop!! ;-)

Kathi D

I love how they think you are suddenly doing something wrong after sewing sixty trillion stitches . . .


Ouch! Hope the machine gets fixed soon! And thanks for posting that fabulous picture -- I'm just at the "shelves full" stage -- haven't started on the floor yet -- nice to know what it's going to look like LOL!


How do you get anything done? I'd be just gawking at that stash all day long.


Penny... ummmm. Can I come stay at your house?

I can sleep in the fabric stash area. Honest. I'll be fine there. Just don't fret if I start giggling and pointing.

That's a beautiful sight right there!

I am going to post a picture of my fabric pittance. YOU will simply laugh.


I love that picture!!!! Do you use your ruler to fold your fabric? I love doing that!

Kelly Ann

I'm thinking timing or needle bar height adjustment needed...


I need to pretend my machine is broken and do this. It looks lovely.

Vanessa K.

And I thought my stash was bad! I'm showing this to my husband,as I think it will help put my stash in perspective!! (Although I secretly aspire to have a stash as big as yours!)

amy ( sew~amy)

you will have to let us know what's up with you machine.

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