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25 October 2009


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Paulette Doyle

Am I the first one to reply???....this is not good. Number one NEVER gets picked....oh well the story of my life...
I would definitely go with the fabric!! I have a monkey quilt pattern all picked out I just need the fabric so with it....so....yes the fabric! Thanks for the chance to win....even though I am first....alas...
Have a fantastic day!
AND LOVE the new quilt...can't wait till you blog about it!


I'm a new quilter, and building my stash; I'd prefer the fabric. Thanks for the give away.


I'm loving the cat and duck by the way. My cat likes sinks and baths, but not rubber ducks. I'd love the fabric pile, however I understand if you don't want an entry from the UK, if you aren't UK based, as I couldn't find easily where your from, and I've only been reading you a little while.


My Pfaff did not like any coats and clark but my Janome is ok with the cotton sewing thread and the machine quilting thread. Glad your machine is back and running smoothly. As for the piles--fabric for me. :o)


Congrats on having your machine back. Life is just better with a sewing machine, isn't it? Please count me in for the fabric pile!


How lucky to find it was just the thread causing the problem - such an easy fix, although it doesn't seem that way, I'm sure, with all the time invested in tracking down the problem. I'm going to throw my hat in the "fabric pile" ring, but I have a "never win" force field that shields me from being the lucky number in these things. P.S. REally looking forward to reading about the strong quilt!

Vicky F

I have never had a cat who sat in the sink -- yours is a hoot!
I also never realized that the wrong thread could do so much harm.
I would like to put dibs on the fabric pile, please.
Vicky F


I'm so glad the machine fix was so easy. Whew!

As far as the posting, fabric if I win.


oh the fabric pile for me...i just can not get enough fabric...and little snatches of fabric are so much fun! thanks for the chance. glad your machine is in working order.


That's a great looking pile of fabric! If I win (and I never do) I hope you ship to the Netherlands!


Glad your machine is fixed!
Your kitty is adorable!
I prefer the fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!


Your cat is too cute! Glad your machine is fixed! I love your string quilt...must do one soon!

I would love to give that fabric a new home! : )


Oooh! The fabric pile! Love Heather Ross' bikes!

Can't wait to see more of your string quilt. Loved the tutorial you posted. Very clear instructions. Have added it to my To Do list.


Karen (Toronto, Canada)



That's a very clever sales woman! I love my Pfaf, don't get me wrong... but my LQS has a lot of Berninas and it's torture everytime I go there to sew. I ALWAYS come home with a major case of machine envy. :)

Angela M.

your kitty is so cute, and i'm looking forward to seeing your finished string quilt. and I'd love to be entered in your giveaway. happy sunday friend!

xo, ang


The picture of my cat cracks me up! He must be a character! If I was picked, I would prefer the fabric :)


That picture of your cat and his duck is hilarious! I would be happy to win either one of your giveaway offerings!


Oh, that wee play has me in the fabric pile group....

So glad the machine is fixed. My Bernina 440 has the BSR and wasn't as expensive...


So glad you got your machine fixed and figured out! Interesting that it was the thread that was messing everything up. Makes me want to try different threads to see if my machine runs even better. I use Coats and Clark and it is very linty. That die-cut pile looks like loads of fun waiting to happen so I guess that's my pick. Oh, and your cat is very cute and funny. (that says a lot coming from me since I am NOT a cat person...allergic)


Die cut set for sure. I'm kinda spooked by sock monkeys.

Some machines are drool-worthy!


Congrats on the fixed machine! Thankfully it was such a simple to fix problem.

I would like to enter the contest for the fabric pack. Thanks so much.


I'm not a cat person, but that picture is ADORABLE! :)

I'd love to win the fabric, I'm collecting Heather Ross prints for a scrap quilt!


I just realized recently too how much of a difference the thread can make in machine quilting. Count me in for the fabric pile!

Gretchen Ree

I have to say, I am glad I am not the only one with a kooky cat :) And I love the fabric pile, I need to get some sock monkey fabric, stat!

Little Miss S.

That cat really funny looking. Hehe ;-) I'd love to be counted in for the die cut pile... Have a great day.


I'm glad your sewing machine is fixed, but an 830 (drool) sounds wonderful. Your cat is funny. lol. I also have a Bernina, but it is an 801. No bell or whistles, but it sews very well. Please count me in for the fabric. I would not know what to to with the die cuts.


Fabric please..new grandbaby coming and father just loves monkeys and that would be great...praying I win.


Our kitties sit in the sink too. Not sure why. lol I have to say, I have a Bernina 440 with BSR - and I don't use the BSR. I have tried, but it definitely has a learning curve, and I've quilted for so long without a BSR that I'm not willing to take the time to learn to use the BSR. I just (finally) got my new insert for my sewing machine cabinet and new Bernina (the 440), and man - what a difference. My free motion quilting is so much better.

Anyway - that's my two cents. lol However, that's not to say that I'm not dying to look at the 830. I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to be able to sell my DH on getter another new one so soon, but I'd still just like to look.


Congrats of getting tha machine fixed and good luck on the quest for the 830! I have the 1080 which is great for me, in fact I am regressing in that I just got a nechhi (1950) yesterday that I am iching to try in all its straigh/zig-zag glory! Would love the monkey fabric to be its initiation!

gina snyder

Loving your cat!! I had a cat that loved to sleep in the sink. Thanks for the cute pic!

Oh, if I win, I would for sure pick the fabric pile! Love, love fabric!!!!

Glad you figured out what was wrong with your machine.



Glad to hear your back to sewing without snags. I'm excited to see more about this string quilt. Especially since I think I see words...
And count me in for the fabric giveaway. Looks adorable. :)

D Spack

Way to be strong, oh how I'd love a new machine. The FABRIC! yup! Thank You for a giveaway!


Funny kitty! The only thing my cat carries around is dead animals. :(
I'd love to win some fabric scraps. Thanks!


oooh, i would love even the smallest scrap of heather ross! so happy your machine is fixed, that is so frustrating!


Man I WISH I had a Bernina!! Seriously!
I can't wait to see the whole quilt, love love love the quilting that I can see!
Great job on your "scraps to treasure!"
I have my project ready to quilt, once I make the sandwhich....


Hey, I'm so glad your machine is back to health! I know when my needle would hit the plate, bam...bad news. Awesome about the shop owner...she's a jewel!

Sorry you walked away from a new toy...but, maybe for Christmas/birthday/anniversary/Sweetest Day/Christmas...LOL

I love the fabric pile. I'm a fabric fanatic!

Thanks for the good news and the giveaway!


I'm glad your machine is up and running again! I won't be using that thread! lol Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway. The fabric pile would be my choice if I were to win!

Kirsten Nelson

Oh, hands down the fabric! I like paper, but I LOVE fabric! And I can't wait to see your post on the string quilt; I have been in love with that quilt since your first post about it!


So glad there was nothing "wrong" with your machine, and what a nice lady to work with you for so long and then give you free thread!

oh I'd like the fabric pile please, if I win your giveaway


Yay! Thank goodness your machine's all 'fixed'... silly thread! My cats sometimes walk around with their little balls... they play fetch, which is rather odd for cats lol

Definitely loving the fabric pile :)


I had a machine break down and took it in only to have the person gasp at the thread I was using. Now I buck up and buy the next step up thread and haven't had too many problems. Holy moly, I do love that crinkly quilt!!!! Crinkles are the best.
That fabric pile makes me swoony!


That is to funny...glad your problemo is solved!

I would love.....the die cuts! I'll switch it up a bit! :)


Fabric pile all the way . .love your new (is it new and I just haven't noticed?) banner by the way - love love hexes and have yet to try to make


Definitely the fabric pile. Animals are so strange aren't they?

penny g

The fabric pile please. I love the way the shop owner got you to play with the 830. Way out of my price range, but a gir; can dream.


i would love your cat!!

Kathi D

I'll throw in for the die cuts.

Glad your machine is OK. My sneaky dealer talked me into a new Pfaff last year when I took mine in for service--gotta watch those guys!


Penny, ok, you got me on the fabric pile :-)
Anyhow! I've always been scared to use anything but Coats & Clark COTTON thread or Gutterman 100% Polyester thread for quilting.... I won't be using embroidery thread anytime soon thanks to you!! So you have a Bernina??? I have a (1yr old) Janome Magnolia 7330 which is pretty low end, but good for me since I've only been quilting for a year... I feel like I haven't EARNED the right to have a phat machine yet :-) I've heard great things about Bernina... and Pfaff too. Maybe some day! Thanks for sharing all that good stuff with us, including your goofy cat! Too cute =)


Your cat is so funny! I love seeing cats in sinks. :)

um. I must have the fat quarters! As if I need more fabric in my stash. But still! Sock monkeys!


Hi, Penny... glad you got your machine fixed! I would love the fabric - I'm actually working on a sock monkey quilt right now, and it would be perfect!! Thanks!


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