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07 November 2009


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Wow... Thanks for this. I have a vintage table cloth that I love that has some stains I have been unable to remove. I must try this (too bad the couds moved in this morning)

wishes, true and kind

Incredible! I will definitely try this. Finding sunshine right now will be the hardest part ;0


Perfect timing! I did a mini quilt and got a couple of rust stains from pins - arrggh! I'll definitely use this method.

Paulette Doyle

Incredible! Thanks for the tip! Lucky you! Love the fabric!


Awesome tip! I am going to have to tuck this away for when the sun comes out again here in Seattle. I think I have about 6 or 7 more months. LOL


I'm so glad you got the rust off that cute fabric! Definitely bookmarking this... I'm pretty sure I'll find rust on something sooner or later haha


Thanks! I love being able to use natural products...is there anything we can't clean using either vinegar, lemons, or baking soda?


Awesome tip Penny!!
You are so good!!


NO WAY! NICE! Awesome fabric too Penny! I'm filing that tip for sure!


That is amazing. I love that fabric!!! I'll have to try this next summer, I'm too cold to do it now, lol- thanks fo the tip!


didn't know that! aweseome info thanks penny!


I just learned this earlier this year too! GREAT trick and works on tomato and other stains too - sometimes just letting your whites dry out in the sun will get stains out. Isn't nature awesome!?


Wow! That's great to know - thanks for sharing Penny!


W.O.W.! Thanks so much Penny! This is definitely The Tip of the Year!!!


sue brown

wonderful, I have a vintage chenille bedspread with rust all over it that I will try this on.


Fantastic tip! Timely too. I just bought some vintage sugar sacks from eBay and some of them have come with rust stains. I had no idea what to do about it... until now! THANK YOU!

I just love the fabric you cleaned up. Those apples are adorable! And the combo with the white and that hit of lemon? Inspiring. I want to run out an make a quilt with those three colors right now!

ryn: I do love the ceramic cup but I always worry I'm going to drop it so I don't use it much... which kinda defeats the purpose. :(

Jody Blue

I've have had great success doing this on old aprons.


I never thought you would be able to remove rust from fabric. That is amazing! I just thought I would also say that I only just discovered your lovely blog.

Joretta Martens

I works! It works! I had two white shirts with rust stain from a hanger. I had washed them several times as well as bleached them and nothing would remove the stain until I used the lemon juice and sun light. I also have a rust stain on a yellow t-shirt. What would happen to the yellow color if I tried the lemon juice on the yellow shirt?

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