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21 December 2009


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I can't offer any more advice since I do the same, and I shop at exactly the same spots. I do check out Ebay from time to time, but you really have to put in a specific search item. Like "layer cakes". I got Hello Betty retro for $12.50 on one of them and $21. on another because I was testing and I meant to watch, but hit confirm bid instead. Every once in awhile I go thru Etsy searching specifically for a designer or fabric line to narrow a search. Thanks for the "google coupon" idea, that I didn't even think about.


Reading this post, it felt like I had written it! That is EXACTLY how I shop for fabric (and yarn), right down to googling for a coupon code! I also like ebay a lot - there are some sellers who have really great prices on FQPs. The key is to not get carried away at the last second - just remember that they will almost always be listing another similar pack later and you will have another chance to place a low-but-winning bid!

I've never bought anything from equilter though...


Almost forgot, on blogs I have purchased at sale prices from Rosebud's Cottage, Material Girls. On True Up's blog, she lists sales on a weekly basis. Hope I've helped contribute!


Oh, and I love fabricdepot.com too but their shipping prices increase with your total purchase price (which I can't stand). And go through ebates.com or stockback.com/babymint.com whenever possible to get further rebates!


thanks i need this information, I love to buy fabric


I do love fabric.com as well, free shipping is the best! I get stage fright sometimes when a good sale/free shipping comes up unexpectedly though. I guess I should just pick stuff and order it anyway. Seems like I can never find legit coupon codes though when I search on google. :(


Ordering fabric online makes me nervous. Do you see the fabric in a store and then buy it or do you just think you'll like it based on the pictures? Basing my decision on a picture makes me hesitant so I haven't done a lot of ordering online. But these tips might help me to branch out. Thanks Penny!


I should add that I made a clever purchase this past week. I bought a gift cert for myself at my local quilt shop, I spent $100 on a $120 gift cert, plus then I shop on a night when I can get fabric at 20% off (which is one night a month).

wishes, true and kind

Thanks for the great tips -- especially about the google search for coupon codes. I used to always pay full price for fabric, but I have really changed my ways so that I can get more for less. It has actually become part of the fun of purchasing fabric.



those sites have become my go-to ones as well! plus true up's sale list that someone else mentioned for weekly sale codes. and ebay... there are some sellers that do fantastic sales like fabric square shop.


Thanks Penny! I also love fabric.com...and I always search for coupon codes too! I love that they offer free shipping as well, which makes me ALOT more loyal to them.

That orange pokka dot fabric is so pretty btw!

Kathi D

My name is Kathi, and I too am a fabriholic. I shop everywhere, including my LQS often, because I want them to always be there. My latest score is Christmas-themed fabric from aboveallfabric.com for $3.60 a yard--55% off. I'm set for next Christmas now!

Kathi D

Be sure to see what's available at your LQS--mine has 20% off on all end-of-bolts until the end of the year.


I do all of these suggestions except for the google search for coupon codes. That will be my new move next time I order. I generally get great service ordering online, and I am especially fond of the sites you mentioned. For the person who has not ordered from equilter.com, I recommend them also. Their service is always good, their sales are very good, they have almost everything you could want in their warehouse, and they donate a part of each purchase to charity. Quilthome.com and batiks.com also have some good sales, and excellent service.


Ok Penny Pants... I am going to go ahead and admit that I did not even look at your links... (when I spotted fabric.com I knew I needed to run the other direction)! I simply cannot be exposed to any other cool places to buy anything crafty online. Ron has banned me. Sigh.

So I am going to see what fabric.com is real quick like and then I am done. Honest. DONE. No more. Ever.


I'll remember your great shopping tips when I buy fabric next time! Thank you Penny!


My secret tip is to read your blog LOL! LOVE those white polka dots!!!


these are all the same tricks I use! Fabric.com is one of my all time faves! Where did you get that hushabye? I need some for the baby quilt I'm planning - specifically another charm pack or something....

great post!


Hi, Penny! Thanks for the tips on where to buy fabric... Someone gave me some information about a fabric yahoo group a while back... Fabrics & Notions is a yahoo group that is a fabric coop. Basically, the owner of the group posts fabrics on the yahoo group page (and photo albums where you can view the fabric), you put in an order, pay her, then once a month she ships out everything you have purchased. Sometimes, things are custom orders and take awhile to get made and sent to her, then to you. I haven't looked a it yet, but I heard her prices are good. She isn't in it to get rich, just to be able to purchase fabrics that wouldn't normally be made available to the average home seamstress. The other thing that seems nice is that you are dealing with a real person and not a store... Anyone can join. Here is the link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FabricsAndNotions/
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


sue brown

these are the places I visit too as to buy designer fabrics here in Australia we pay between $24 and $30 per metre. I just received a gorgeous stash from Hawthorn Threads today infact, I can't stop staring at them.

Jody Blue

Don't get me started! I have way to many projects I have to finish, start, and organize!


its also worth checking out quiltshops.com (I think thats it) you type in 'sale ??' and type in what fabric range you are after.. I have got some mega bargains from this site..

free shipping isn't an option as I am in Australia.. but our fabric is $22/meter anything under $10US / yard is a BARGAIN..

take care :-)



The only thing that is keeping me from clicking away at your list and utilizing your tips is that I am REALLY trying to use what I already have (enough to make 3 quilts) before buying anything else. Some of the fabric lines are SO tempting, though!


As one of the people who recently asked for your advice, thanks so much. Your tips have been helpful, although I am sure I am not alone in expressing how very much I wished Joann's and Fabric.com would honor more than one coupon at a time!


yea! thanks for the great info. Like many of the others I did not even think about looking for coupon codes. ... but now I NEED to know where this stash came from since I just tried to get that Hushabye at fabric.com and found it was not on sale :)


Thank you for the fabulous links! I live in Tokyo & am addicted to Japanese fabrics so I am lucky to buy these locally. Still, one day, when we no longer live in Japan, I will hv to do more online shopping :( .
Happy Christmas from Tokyo!


There are a lot of shops I check in on and often find huge deals at, including Fabric.com. I just bought 2 jelly rolls of Glace for the price of one from Homespun Hearth! (I have been drooling over Glace since it came out!) Everything in the bargain basket there is BOGO.

Over the Rainbow, Pieceworks, Connecting Threads, Wish Upon a Quilt, Fabric Depot, 5 Bucks a Yard, Thousands of Bolts, the list goes on and on. If you really want to find out about a great deal, sign up for their email newsletters.

Anne R.

Great tips! Can you tell me where you got that mustard fabric with the big white dots? I love it.


I visited a new store today (well, new to me) and wanted to share.

http://www.oldtownquilts.com/ all fabrics are 4.99. They do not have a huge selection, but it is varried. They are about 20 miles from me, so I visited in person and bought 7 Katie Jump patterns for my collection. They had 6 other that I did not get, so 13 from that line which I thought was pretty good.

The pictures on the site are bad, but the description is such that you can tell what it is. I asked about shipping and she said they do flat rate.

She inidcated she will be getting in some Amy Butler in the next couple weeks as well.

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