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26 February 2010


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i love love love that block, really cool! And the fabrics are lovely! What's the blue fabric? It looks soft!


Inspired to give up trying so dang hard! LOL

Raising three boys is hard work! I'm trying not to work myself to death taking care of them or get so frustrated because our house looks like three boys live here!


Good luck on your inspirations and I love the pillow!


I love it Penny! I can totally see where you got the inspiration! I love the colors you used too!

Can I move into your fabric stash room? hehehe


Oooh, that's so cool Penny! And you're balancing your checkbook -- I gave up on that long ago LOL! Good for you! I'm inspired to do a little quilting -- must get to it!


this is amazing. i was wondering if you could give me some hints... i have been assigned my first block for our sewing guild and i would love to have everyone make one like this.

amazing work, thanks for the inspiration!


These look great! I have a couple of the Simply Colorado cookbooks - they have some really great recipes in them.


I LOVE your block! When I saw it the colors just leapt off the screen! Beautiful job!


Oh yes.....don't you just love it when that inspiration just washes over you like a wave!


FABULOUS quilt top!!!! I want to see more!
A little inspiration goes a long way, eh?


Penny! I'm so glad you're back! I hope your trip was fabulous.

The blocks are so cute. But ALL of your work is so cute!

To answer your question, I'm inspired to get going on some projects to sell at an upcoming fair that will be held by the ladies of the ex-pat community here. I started by tackling my scrap pile. I feel clean. :-)

Keep warm, my friend!

sue brown

oh I like this, I would like to see more


Once I got married my husband got the job of balancing the checkbook! But I am in charge of keeping within our budget. I use a cash system and after I worked out our kinks, it's been going really well. So good luck with all of that! As for inspiration, I am heading to Chicago next week for a work trip so I NEED a new bag for traveling. As soon as I clean up from dinner (and off the internet) I am heading to the sewing room!


Love the block! For me inspiration is the easy part...its putting the inspiration into action that I have trouble with :)


Great block idea, and I definitely see your inspiration in that button.
I've been inspired to clean the past two days, and reorganize all of my arts and crafts supplies so that my son and I can make things. Hopefully with a new set up area for crafting with him, we will be inspired to craft more often.

wishes, true and kind

I'm feeling very inspired by your block! Really great!

kelly mae

love that katie jump rope, and that orange solid is fantastic! check out "Everyday Food" magazine for some quick, easy recipes.


I love the new block. It looks very mid-century-modern to me. Beautiful. I've been inspired lately to tackle knits. The "Celebrate the Boy" month projects on Made by Rae and Made have been fantastic. Plus I was just given a "new" (actually really old) serger and I've been learning how to use it. I LOVE it.

I like the recipes on www.hillbillyhousewife.com. Practical, cheap, great for a family, and tasty. Her crockpot rotisserie chicken is fantastic.


i DO see it! I love the colors. The orange against that blueish grayish color is perfect.
lately i am inspired to practice free motion sewing. i feel like i am way too concerned with perfect corners and straight lines and i want to be more relaxed about quilting. i love the way it looks when others quilt and it looks haphazard and almost sketched, but if i try to do it myself i am too critical. i am inspired to let my inhibitions go and be happy with the inperfections.


I've been eying this picture on flickr all week! Its beautiful and I can't wait to see when its done!


Just discoverd your blog and it's very lovely.
It's very nice were your working on. I can imagine it takes quite some time to make this.
I'm inspired in many things lately. I'm having a sale at home the 27th of Mrach (my first one) and have to make many things before then.


Great block! I love your take on things. It's always so fresh and fun!

I was inspired this week to clean out some paper clutter and get my desk organized. It feels much better, even though I'm not quite finished. I've also been inspired to start and finish many projects on my to-do list. Like some bags, some quilts, an apron.... So much to do so little time!




I love, love, love that block pattern! You do have the best fabric stash!


It is wonderful, Penny. Love the shape and it fits perfectly.


I, too, adore the block and would LOVE to see how you did it! (Tutorial, maybe? :-D)

Inspired by Olympic athletes right now. I even exercised. On cross-country skis and everything!

Mom Wald

Spring Cleaning! Although I'm a little slow. I finally folded up summer clothes to make room in my closet. Great since spring is almost here, duh.

Your goals sound great and attainable, good job!


I love this block! Such a nice interpretation of the original source.

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