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15 March 2010


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way cute, love it. That'll be a great shower gift!


That is SO CUTE - I love the idea of chenille, you're so clever! Nice and soft for baby. This is really darling!

wishes, true and kind

Fun + functional + fabulous!


very, very creative and thoughtfully made!


Penny, that's just how I felt when I discovered oodles of nursing covers on etsy. I thought I had done something new. ;-) I have a few different ways that I do the pocket, which I think may be a little tiny bit unique.

This set is so cute!


Very, very cute Penny! And how generous of you to part with bits of your FMF stash!!!


but I bet none of them were made with the creative juices like yours! Very cute!!! I smiled at the Momo line used because it is a favorite of mine!


Hey....that's ok....you still had a great idea....and your's is w-a-y cute!!! You Go


So extremely adorable, Penny!


Hello adorable! One more thing to add to the to-do list. What a great idea for a baby shower gift. I like making hooded towels too. :)


Pretty and so clever!


I have not seen anything like yours either. I am adding this to my to sew list. So cute!

Toby Blum

We are expecting our third grandbaby in August ... I am long past my own children so I see this as an excuse to make some baby stuff on my new Juki TL98Q .. love the change pad too .. plan to try both. :) We have two blue grands so I'm hoping for a little pink one this time.


Super super cute Penny!

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