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22 March 2010


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Amy (badskirt)

Because I was away, I think I missed a few posts of directions and I'm forging ahead like a crazy woman. Do you have a back on these blocks yet or will we be adding that at the end? Am I just working scraps and batting at this stage?

I'm quite excited about this and keep to catch up!


Hi Amy, no, no backing yet. Just the batting and the fabrics you're sewing onto the top of it. We'll be adding the batting at the end!


Oh dear, there you go again! The last time i did your bag that was posted in DIYbaglover, and this time...wow. I can't wait to do this quilt-as-you-go.
Thanks for the information.


nope, not at all ready to sew, but so glad I now understand the bit about drawing the sqaure on the batting. And, to clarify for myself...we don't HAVE to be using only 1.5 inch strips...they can be larger? or 1.5 at least for inside the square?

Thanks Penny! working my way thru this scrap pile makes me happy!! hope to mail out swap fabrics by Thursday.


i would love to try this, penny, but i will have to see if i have some free over the next couple of weeks. thanks for the tutorial--i am going to use it at some point, for sure!


thanks so much for posting this! I've never ever thought of quilting this way! so much easier!


Did I miss what sizes to cut the scraps to? Sorry if that's a totally dumb question.


This looks AMAZING! I love your straight-line quilting.


Can't wait to get started!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Exciting!!!! Lucy x


I've seen other projects like this Penny but I like yours best. Great job.


OK I've started, great fun today sorting out colours, there are many shades of pink but that will make a nice quilt, perhaps for a grandaughter. I've posted on Flicker where I'm known as Lochside Quilter. Thanks for all your efforts in getting this going.


WooooHoooo! This is just fantastic! I haven't started mine yet but I helped my friend make hers and we had such a great time. I shall be into mine tomorrow :0)
Thank You Penny for such a great idea and great tutorial.
Blessings! Val


Lovely tutorial - this looks like a lot of fun! I have started pulling out fabric, cant wait to get started...

; )


No way! I've heard of this method but never understood it, now I do, brilliant! I love it! I'm too busy to quilt a long right now but I will definitely do this one another time. Thanks! Mary


I have looked and looked but do not see information on what size to cut the center square and the strips---HELP?! Sorry, I'm sure I just missed it somehow. Thanks--I need to "catch up".

Robyn /  Coffee and Cotton

How do you think it would work to do free motion quilting instead of straight lines? Would it make it too wonky?


How cool is this???
I just found your post - what a great way to create a huge quilt!! I will try that definitly out because we all like a huge blanket to snuggle in and to do this the "regular" way scares me a lot ....
THANKS a lot!


oh, my goodness, i love the look of these blocks! i'm slow in finding this, i realize, but i LOVE it all the same. :)

Stephanie Burns

As a really new sewer, I am fascinated by the mug rug craze. Can you please walk me through making them. I would love to send them to family for Christmas with some homemade goodies. I need the basics please, sizes (I realize that I can make them almost any size), when do I add the batting, almost everything I need to know without you doing it for me. I appreciate any help that I can get. I am so impressed with all of your work.

Rhonda L Gillette

I just stumbled across this tutorial and was wondering if a part three was ever put up? I would like to continue the learning process. LOL Thanks so much.

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