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12 March 2010


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Heck, yeah! Since getting quilt tops quilted seems to be the hang up in my house!


i'm totally interested, been wanting to do this for a while - but the whole joining together business scares the bejesus outta me!

kristine hanson

sign me up! How do you sew all the pre-sewn blocks together with out bulkiness? I guess I will find out!


I'm with Michelle... it's the joining together the squares that boggles my mind haha




sounds like something I can get into...since I have a houseful of quilt tops that never get quilted.

MichelleD (craftydill)

I'm notorious for getting quilt tops done and then losing interest because I don't to quilt the whole thing. So, quilting as you go is a very interesting concept for me... count me in!


I would love to learn how to do this!


yes Penny, show me how to do this! I have scraps, I love this block, let's do this!


OOOOOh yes! I've been wanting to know how to do this!!!!


i have plenty of beautiful scraps to use.


I'm in!


I have about 50 too many projects, but I know you guys will have fun with this one!


Yes please. I love quilt-as-you-go quilts, at least I get something finished! And I haven't seen a log cabin quilt-as-you-go before, really looking forward to this.


I'd love to learn this technique! I'm not sure I have the time for a quilt-along, but I'd keep up as best I can.


I've been wanting to try this technique too, and yes, I would love to join in on this group!


ummmm, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! When do we start? I can't wait, my scrap bin is starting to have a life of it's own. :)

Amy (badskirt)

I've never given quilt as a you go a whirl, but I reckon I might like it. Count me in. I can't guarantee how many blocks I will do, but I will try.


Absolutely yes. I have lots of scraps leftover making my string quilt to I could just use those.


I'm in!! I am scared as well, about the joining part but I am sure you will have great instructions.... :)


Wish I had enough scraps to do something like this...very cute and interesting...maybe some day.


I would love to do this - no time at the moment, but I'll be watching!


My scrap box is out of control! Yes please!


Heck ya! Love this idea, but a little worried if I could be dedicated enough to keep up ;)


I would love it if you did a quilt-as-you-go quilt-along. I have so many scraps of batting and of fabric. This would help me to use some up!


Drool. I don't have that many light colored scraps, but I would love to do this still!


Definitely interested!


Very interested!!!


I'm interested. I have a quilt that I need to finish before Easter, but after that I could work on this type. Maybe it would enable me to make a king size quilt for our bed.


Yes, please! That may actually motivate me to get rid of my stash which just sits there and keeps piling up.


Yes please!!!!!

; )


I love your ideas! I don't have many white fabrics, but maybe I can eventually do this. For now, I'm swamped with my projects for the upcoming fair. (I still owe you photos, don't I?)


sounds like a great idea Penny! i adore your new banner too!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

VERY interested! I just want to know it all NOW though! ;o) It would be the perfect way to put my selvedge blocks together.

Lucy x

Monika Bauer

WOW! There are alot of people interested. Anyway, I would love to be in the quilt-as-you-go quilt-a-long!!


yes! what a great idea! boo that I don't have time right now. I love quilt-alongs. And LOVE the idea of quilting as you go. I might be able to handle that!


What an awesome idea!!


Yes Penny, this looks really interesting and fun!


I love quilt as you go--count me in.


YES! I've never done a Quiltalong and I've always wanted to learn this quilt-as-you-go thing (It makes sense in my head but somehow has not translated into actual doing for me), so I'm in! yay!


Okay, I'm game.
But could you send me a package of your whites and a package of your print scraps too?
Because you know what it's like - sewing with other peoples' fabrics are just so much for FUN!
I'm in. Now what?

Jody Blue

You have a great eye for making fabrics look so good together.


YUP :)


If I could learn to do this, it would be SWEET, since I am hopeless when it comes to quilting. I'm in!


Absolutely---can't wait to use up some cloth.

Teresa Hardy

I'm not a quilter but I just want to compliment you on this quilt in the pictures. I come from a family of serious quilters, generations of them, and so I grew up always having several. The thing I loved best, was laying in bed, during nap time or bed time, and just looking at all the different prints and making up stories in my head about them. Ours were fairly traditional but still I managed to get something out of florals and stripes to keep me cozy and mentally occupied. I can only dream of having a quilt like this (even now as a grown up person) with so many amazing different scraps of fabric. I could stare at it for hours. I just love it. Good luck with your sew along. I wish I quilted but that gene did not get passed down, must be due to the fact I'm adopted. ;-)


Yes! I would love to start yet ANOTHER quilt! ( I think I have seven going right now...)


Yes! I'm in!


Yes, I would love to quilt along with you. I have lots of scraps I need to use up!!


Count me in! I even already started a quilt using scraps that's a little like this... but I lost momentum and am SO interested in the quilting method.

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