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13 April 2010


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The boys love kayaking! Me? I'm more a canoe on a long, slow, sunny river kinda gal! Have fun. Be safe. Live life to the fullest!


that is such a super cool looking kayak!!! The lake water looks so inviting as well!


You're going to have a wonderful time! That lake looks most enticing. Paddle hard!


HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!


officially jealous!


Oh {Sigh}! You live in paradise. Have a wonderful getaway!

Jody Blue

How much fun is that!?! You are blessed!


HEY! I grew up on that lake! My little piece of heaven right thereā™„!


have fun! i wish i knew how to swim and then i could do things like this!

Teresa Hardy

My best friend used to live there (she now lives in Estes). I thought it was funny how people pronounce it, like "lovelund" so I liked to always pronounce it like it's spelled. Love LAND. Doesn't it sound like a great place to live when you say it that way???


Sounds like fun, Penny!


O too cool! As I type this you are probably on the water. I hope you stay warm as it is a mite chilly here in good 'ole Loveland. Question: Lake Loveland - it's allowed to put a kayak on? Need permit?

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