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11 April 2010


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Lucy Locket-Pocket

Brilliant! Thank you for this tutorial! I'm using it to make a really whizzy cover for a basic cream IKEA chair but I think I'm going to love the technique so much that I make a humungeous quilt too! Fab! Lucy x


Wow! worth the work, huh? at least it's all done instead of having to quilt it AFTER it's so big!

Good job.


Beautiful! I love it, what a cool way to make a large quilt. Thanks!!


Oh, I am absolutely in love! You are inspiring me to get going on my log cabins which have quietly been sleeping in the sewing basket. I'm thinking the quilt is going to be giant as well...we can have giant log cabin quilts together!


So so so fabulous!!!!!


Great job Penny! Can't wait to see how you finish this one.


yours is so beautiful! hope the cat house project opportunity turns out how you want. :)


Can't wait to start sewing my blocks together. I still have more blocks to make, first.
Great tutorial! And you are fast!!!
; )


so cool!

we have blanket wars at my house too.

What's this opportunity with the cat house? Sounds good! And when did you get sponsors?! Cool! I need to talk to you about that. :)

Hope you are having a nice Monday.


Wow! This is great! What a pretty quilt.


I love the randomness of this quilt.. I tried to do random but the control freak in me just wouldn't let me!
Still enjoying the process though.


Wow, Penny, it looks awesome!
I had gotten Patchwork Style a while ago and totally forgot I wanted to try out this technique. I'm in love. Though, I wasn't brave enough to do a whole quilt, just a dog bed cover! :)


I can't wait to get to this step - I am deciding on a wall-hanging because the middle prints I am using are so happy, my office needs a pick me up:) Thanks for doing this for us all...:)


your quilt looks AMAZING!!!


What is that little pink doodad on your ruler?


I realize that I am quite late to the party, but when I made my quilt, my machine won't sew reliably through all of the layers at the seams when I join my rows. My seam allowances are ironed open, but I am having difficulty with the joins. Has anyone else had this problem?


I'm late. I'm late. But I'm happy to be here. I'm sure everyone has been enjoying their beautiful quilts

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