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19 May 2010


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Turn that frown upside down Penny!

Love that crochet (??) beauty up there!


LOVE the flowers, LOVE the big hexies - I can hardly wait to see what you do with them. I understand feeling overwhelmed - I wish I could help you out!


thanks for sharing that crochet. I dream....maybe someday I can do that!


A champagne breakfast sounds like fun - was it a special occasion? Your crochet is enough to put a smile on anyone's face.


Love the action shots, and the smiles!


LOVE the crocheted flowers. Oh so pretty. I have a Katie Jump Rope project I need to finish. Sometimes you just get stuck. Perhaps I'll drag it out again and put it on the design wall.


Hi! I'm in Fort Collins too and just google searched a Northern CO modern quilt guild to see if we had one or needed one! You should post about this on Mama Said Sew's Facebook page! Have you been to the store yet? I'll try to be there on the 27th! Thanks for setting this up!


Sounds like a wonderful day!



I love the crocheted flowers! The colors are great! Thanks for sharing!


Hi, Penny! Great pics of kayaking!!! Looks like a lot of fun! Can't wait to see your Flea Market Fancy Quilt :)))


Big SMILES! :)) It was a great way to celebrate a special day! I especially liked the supermodel pose - gonna share it?! Can we be y'alls official river bunnies?
Congrats on breaking into your stash - that was a giant leap!
And I meant to ask you about the crocheted flowers - they are so lovely - sweet and simple pleasures! Want to ATTEMPT it! Right after the new Scrubbies!

ENJOY Creating! Hugs! TTFN! BFF!


I hope the kayaking wasn't straight after the champagne!! Ha Ha!!

sew katie did

Rock on sister!


Lovin your life!
...and the crochet, and kayaking...and those sweet hexies... :)


I simply must get kayaking, but I can't get over it in my mind. A friend is storing hers at our house here in Moz, and she has invited us to use it as we see fit. There's a little island across the shore from our house, and she insists it's a nice little morning jaunt. (sigh) Maybe. One day.


smiles here too at everything in your post!



Smiles indeed...lots to smile about.


Love the big hexagons. And the crochet flowers are amazingly beautiful.


Your flowers look wonderful - love the bright cheery colors! And of course the thought of champagne for breakfast, lol. How deliciously decadent!
Your hexxies look wonderful, good for you - and you GO girl in your kayak!!!!! That looks so fun!


That quilt is going to be amazing!!!


Hey Penny, Luv the crocheted flowers! Beyond cute! Happy crocheting!

Jody Blue

FuN, fUn, FUN...fun crochet flowers, fun fancy stash and fun kayak run!

Erin Compton

You have redeemed me in the eyes of my husband. He's a kayaker, I'm not, and he gets annoyed when I look at craft blogs while he's peeking over my shoulder on the laptop and I get annoyed when he looks at kayaking blogs. Wilst scrolling your blog, the kayaking pictures on this post popped up and we laughed. Thanks for breaking the martial tension.

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