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21 May 2010


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Oh you got me there - I can never pass a hexagon quilt without stopping to have a proper look. Lucky Glynis!


So pretty! I love the bottom edge and can't even imagine how hard that binding must have been to stitch on.

Rita - Red Pepper Quilts

Stunning! Absolutely gorgeous quilt - and a great story quilt.



Love this quilt! I love the edge with the hexes still full size and the binding following each angle. Quilts with a story behind them are always an instant treasure.


Swooning at your amazing hexagons and the story behind this delightful quilt!!


Beautiful quilt!! I love 'em scrappy. And to have a story, even better!!




Penny, this is beautiful! I'm sew glad you shared it with us!

What an awesome friend you are!


What a thoughtful gift! It must be one of the most treasured quilts in the world. I just love it.

Jo Avery

It's so lovely when the quilts contain special fabric. This is a beautiful quilt, well done!


It is fabulous. I am falling in love with hexagons more and more. I love the use of fabric that has so much meaning.


I love a quilt with a story. It's very sweet and pretty.


great story penny...i love to hear about a fabrics history! lucky lady who received this quilt! gorgeous!!


Beautiful quilt! Fun story - thanks for sharing it!


what a lovely quilt, and even better because of each little tale behind the fabrics! Beautiful!


What a great quilt, Penny. I love the story behind it, too. How big are those hexes?


I love remembering where my fabrics came from too. It's a beautiful quilt. I love the binding.


what a quilt and story! quilted Eiffel towers in the flowers? wow, you did put a lot of energy into this beauty!

Katie B

I love the significance of all of the fabrics in this quilt! It is lovely.


What a special quilt. All the fabrics and the unique quilting add up to the BEST kind of quilt gift! Great job.


I love quilts where the fabrics have a meaningful connection to the recipient. Lucky Glynis!


Such a great story behind the quilt! Plus I looove hex quilts!

Lois Grebowski

That is so cool that each piece has a story... and I am loving the binding!

Jessica C.

I really want to do a GFG quilt. Beautiful.


What a wonderful quilt and concept. It's lovely and I'm sure Glynis loves it.


Such a wonderful quilt!


What a wonderful quilt, Penny - love the story behind it, how special a gift is that!

Carol Hansen

Nice idea. Enjoyed the story

sue brown

what an amazing quilt Penny, and what a lucky friend.


Love the zigzag edge in combo with the straight edges.


What a beautiful quilt and even more amazing story! I love it!

wishes, true and kind

How awesome is this?!?! Not your grandmother's Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt! And what a special story behind it and stitched in it!


What a lovely quilt. I like how you used all those fabrics that were given to you. So very special.


What a very fun quilt.

Lynn Koeppen

Beautiful! I have always wanted to try a quilt with hexagons! Good for you!


what a great story! and beautiful. i love the hexes


You are a great friend and I am sure it is recipricated. Great job picking the fabrics she liked. The hexies look wonderful.


Your quilt is so pretty, fun and fresh, what a beautiful gift!
Now I want to make big scale hexagons too!!
; )


it's lovely! and the edges are amazing!


this is really cool! I need to do one - so yes, please post a tute. :)

Hope you had a great weekend!


What a gorgeous quilt Penny! I love the edges and the binding! What a treasure!


This is beautiful!


This is really gorgeous!

Shannon@Monkey Dog

LOVE it and especially the binding! Hmm....I've not tried hexagons, but they seem to all the rage right now. Awesome quilt! Sew On!

Elisabeth Harwood

I love the story of this quilt and the hexagons are great, lovely quilt.


great quilt!


I love the story behind this quilt and the binding!


Very nice! How big were those hexies? Super cute! By the way....CONGRATS! I see the Red Pepper blogged about you and your quilt along. :)

E. deMars

lovely and wonderful story. the end border is fun--looks difficut to have done, but nice. have a great day

Sandra Starley

Hexagons in this setting have been made for about 200 years and they still work. What a great quilt.
Come see my antique quilt entries


Wow - the border is very clever and fitting for the hexagon quilt. I just started a hexagon quilt, so this border intrigues me!

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