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14 May 2010


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How lovely is that! Girl, just cut - make something with it that you've made before, or that you know will turn out well, make a muslin first if you have to. That's too pretty not to use!

Amy (badskirt)

We're supposed to cut into this fabric?! No?! Really? I was pretty sure that the pieces I bought for simply for admiring. I chucked all my scissors in the rubbish just in case I was somehow tempted.


Stop with the yummy stuff!.. my bank balance is definately unbalanced!.....have to have that helicopter stuff!


The deed is done!


I just keep my favorite fabric where I can look at it often. Still waiting for the perfect project here...


Ah,.. yes that would be why my sewing room looks more like a fabric shop! I have the very same problem with scrapbook paper as well. Love the vibrant colours of that echino line!!

Charmaine Taylor

I don't know how to get over it. I've been doing that for years. I think that's why I'm a scrap quilter. I use a little piece in each quilt and it's like I get to have that fabric forever. Sick, I know.


Amy totally cracked me up - chucked all the scissors - ha! Love that echino, too!

For myself, I started with Amanda Jean's nine-patch along. Cutting just a 2.5" strip off my favorite fabrics was pretty easy. A year later, I only flinch a little when I need to actually USE my fabric.


no, you're not supposed to cut into echino, did you not know that already? ;)


seriously, you can't do that to me! now I'm going to have to buy some.


Aaaaa!!! My little guy loves helicopters and taking pictures!! I have placed my order, have no plan, but hope I have the confidence to cut when it arrives.
Thanks for the heads up on this awesome fabric!

Live a Colorful Life

I have a bunch of echino in a shopping cart just ready to hit the "buy" button. You just tipped the scales. I have to have it...


Too funny. I feel the EXACT same way. I have fabrics that have been sitting around here for ages. I think you just have to wait it out until you find something else that you loved a little bit more, THEN you can cut into it!


I'm working on a small patchwork travel bag for my vacation this summer out of a fat quarter set purchased from Hawthorne Threads, I'm combining it with some natural linen for the inside of the bag and hot pink straps. Just started cutting out all of the pieces last night! It's the first time I've used Echino and I looooove this fabric!


Always buy TWICE(or at least plenty extra) what you think you'll need. That way, you can make something out of it but still have plenty in your stash. I too, am in love with this fabric and if I had an endless supply, I still think it would be a lil daunting to make that first snip. Your blog is lovely. Many thanks to you.


I loove that fabric! And yes, I have the same issue. Many times I have fabric sitting for a long time so I can make sure that I am doing the right thing with it! Oh, well, I guess it is good to be zen about it...what ever happens, happens!


Arrggh!! This is the way I felt for years. Only very recently have I started cutting into those "saved" fabrics. It was very liberating. I finally decided that there are so many great new fabrics out there that I want, I won't allow myself to buy any until some of the old is moved out. Then, begrudginly I just did it and in the end it felt great! Like the Nike ad said, Just do it!


You are not alone. I have lots of fabric that is uncut, because I haven't found a worthy peoject. I ration my fabric!


Oh yes, that's like, half my stash.... waiting around for the perfect project. Sometimes I wonder if I'd be more likely to use it if I had more of a fabric budget, but I don't know. Every once in a while I get really ambitious and decide to actually use the special stuff, and I'm always happy that I did! I really don't think I've ever regretted *using* something.


I really like the line but the price? I dont know if I can justify paying 24$ a yard.
I will live vicariously through you.


This line is unbelievable and I am just seeing if for the first time on your blog! wowee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wishes, true and kind

Happens to me all the time with favorite lines especially: Step one -- covet fabric; step two -- finally buy it; step three -- bring it home, but kept away from other fabrics; touch/stroke/pet, but don't cut; step four -- MONTHS later, the perfect project comes along; cut into fabric; step five -- incorporate leftover pieces, strings, scraps with other fabrics and allow to mingle; step six -- use with other fabrics in even more fabulous ways.

Mom Wald

I finally take the plunger, er... the cut, when I have another fabric that it simply HAS to go with. Fabric marriage.

sara korinek

i have the same problem, with no solution in getting over it...the way i get around it is making gifts for other people and not cutting into 'my' stash..how bad is that? i do think i am able to cut into some of the older favorites once i have a new fabric i'm afraid to cut into? does that make sense?


I bought some of that fabric too, isn't awesome! Although mine is still sitting nicely on my dining room table, I haven't been able to cut it either. I just stroll by it and admire. :)

Jody Blue

Oh goodness do I ever have that problem...no help here:)


I totally have that problem! I just think and think and think about the project until I drive myself nuts, and just cut. Oh yeah, and I buy more than I need . . . it makes it easier to cut if you know there will still be some left over. I am completely in love with the bicycles.

Michele C

Just waiting for payday, and then some Echino will be mine! The new prints are so fun. I collect the fabrics like art and then have no idea really what to do with them! -- michele

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