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22 May 2010


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This is lovely! I love it as a tablecloth and it would be very pretty with a solid background.


wow. look at that beauty. I don't know if I'd be brave enough to put all that FMF on a table where food or drinks might stain it. But it does look sooo lovely as a table cloth. I can see why you are considering it. If you do us it as such, if it were me, I'd sew some small curtain weights in the corners so it hung on the table nice and didn't shift around too much.

Nice job!!


I agree with Cara - I'd be afraid of red wine or pasta sauce or mustard! But it does look so pretty there - maybe just lay it on the table when you're not actually eating!


Either way, but I would go for option #2 :)


Tablecloth....don't worry about the stains, life's too short....use it and enjoy it!


Oh it's lovely!!! Tablecloth sounds nice, quilt for every room ;)

Amber Lee

Oh I think that would be so great for a summertime quilt—what lovely picnics you would have!


So amazing...since I'm partial to quilts...I say summer quilt!


I vote summer quilt....that leaves you another new project for that great table!!!


Or you could gimme it! Haha!

I'd say summer quilt... I couldn't near the thought of food spilling on those gorgeous prints!


I love the idea of dining on that awesome cloth - can I come over for dinner? I promise not to spill?

It's bright colours would be fabulous as a summer quilt too!

Lucky you, but hard decision to make!


Actually , I love it on that table.. Ordinarily I would say, yes, quilt it but, ahhhhhhhhhh, it makes the table look so bright.

Machen und Tun

oh how lovely.. i would go for a light quilt because i would never dare to put some drinks or food on it.
i know, life´s too short but you can´t help what you can´t help.. :-)

Kelly O.

it would make a beautiful table cloth but I always worry about spills!

wishes, true and kind

It will be very pretty however you choose to use it. And I have used quilts (layered and quilted) as tablecloths. Although -- more for decoration than for eating off of.

Sarah @ Splish Splash Designs

It looks so lovely on the table, so I'm going to say table cloth.


I'd vote summer quilt. My family is too messy to put something that pretty on the table!


I agree with Effie...tablecloth, and life's too short to worry about spills and stains. Though, if you were, you could pull it off for the messier meals!

kristine hanson

I would do a quilt....I can't imagine the horror one would feel with a food stain on something this lovely! And you can NEVER have enough quilts!

Genia Chapman

Love it! I would say, tablecloth. the table and surrounding area is inviting.


I would add the flannel wadding layer. That way it could be used for a tablecloth OR a summer quilt!

I throw quilts with cotton batting over my table all of the time, and they look great even with the added bulk. :)


I think the picnic quilt as I would be afraid to spill anything on it :-) But it would be nice to look at on the table.....

sew katie did

I love it and I'll be so curious to hear how the flannel wadding goes if you take that route. I like using flannel a lot but it is such a beast sometimes.


While I would worry about stains and such, I just love how it looks on the table. And then you could avoid binding those edges!


Just gorgeous!! I guess it depends what look you want. It would look great just as it is but if you want texture then batting & quilting are the way to go.

sue brown

well Penny I think you should send it my way and let me worry about it, I'll be happy to take it off of your hands LOL


Love it! I definitely say flannel and use it for a summer quilt.

My thoughts on flannel: If you use flannel, I would just put that on the back and call it good. I did two quilts for my girls with flannel as the batting and the backing (so it was top, flannel, flannel) and they are pretty heavy quilts. If it's the just the top and the one layer of flannel, I think you could use it as a tablecloth and summer quilt (like Jacquie said). Of course, that might be what you are talking about and planning. In which case, this was probably TMI. lol

Katie B

I vote quilt, but I have a messy toddler so tablecloths are pretty much out at my house!


Summer quilt for sure. I don't think I would be able to put food on top of all those gorgeous FMF!


oh wow I love it as a tablecloth but I think it would also make a lovely quilt :)


my vote is for summer quilt.. although as everyone said it is quite beautiful on the table. Both... my vote is for both.


Definitely light quilt. I'm die if someone spilled on it!


Oh summer quilt - it's too pretty not to lay under! It's gorgeous!


It looks absolutely delightful on the table - I'd go the table cloth (but take it off for meals!)


Lindos trabalhos.


I vote flannel lined, summer quilt,that sits on the table when there's no food :) Love it!!


My first quilt was a tablecloth. Or, should I say, that was my intention but my mom never wanted to use it for more than a decorative tablecloth for fear of getting it dirty. I felt it was OK if it got dirty. So, you know what my answer will be! If you want to see mine, it's here:


Tablecloth! And set each place setting with a different color! Oh great...now I want to make one!


This is so great! I love the size of the hexagons with those fabrics. So fresh and perfect for summer. I say no on the tablecloth (ACK! spills??!) I love the light summer quilt idea. Nice job!


Gorgeous table quilt :o) Why not use it for both - I'd put clear plastic over it when you use it as a tablecloth (we can get it in Spotlight here in Aus for about $7p/m and it's 150cm wide). It looks great.

Jody BLue

Oh I like Abbe's idea, but you'd have to find plastic that wasn't like 1970's...yikes remember that stuff:)


I like your second idea. I would keep it to myself, and not share it at all. Pretty and precious fabrics

; )

Your big scale hexagons are great, beautifully showcasing the fabric. How big are they? Do you sew them by machine? I think I am hooked by now...


If you can't decide on which option to use after all these helpful comments, you could just give the top to me! Just kidding, but I love this quilt top...can't wait to see it in person.


You know you're gonna have to make another quilt. You have plenty of fabric, so use it to your hearts desire until the next one is made and you'll have one for each purpose.


oh, penny. as much as i love it as a tablecloth, i'd hate for any food to get on it! therefore, my vote is quilt!


Its a gal with plenty of FMF who suggests using it as a table cloth...I'm envious! If it were any other fabric, I'd say table cloth. But hold out for a quilt or wall hanging. Or use it on a table that isn't for dining, like a coffee table or another room.


It is so beautiful. The colors are bright and fresh. I know this is no help, but I don't think you can go wrong with either choice. They would both be fantastic.


It looks so amazing on the table.

robin (rsislandcrafts)

I like just as a table cloth with a backing. It's so bright and beautiful. Wouldn't a flannel "batting" make it warm for the summer?

Here in Florida I can see using it as a summer quilt with just the top and a backing.


I'm in love with it. Totally and completely.

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