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08 May 2010


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What a great gift! Love the color and the buttons!


I love this hat! Lucky you to be the recipient and such a wonderful friend you have!!


i am lucky and blessed to have a friend like YOU! (too cheesy?) i am sincere :) love you penny.


Finally, a solution!! I need one!

What a cool and incredibly thoughtful gift...


What a nice gift. I am feeling lucky today because I have a very sweet, thoughtful husband who is making sure I feel special all weekend long for Mother's Day. Oh, and the kids are helping with this too. :)


What a sweet gesture. The hat is adorable and will great with or without a ponytail!


What a sweet hiking hat - the polka dot button is the perfect embellishment!


That hat is going in my queue. I'm feeling so lucky and blessed by all the little ways those around me let me know they love me...silly and vague but that's how I'm feeling!


This is just adorable. I really like the color combo, too.

Jody Blue

What a fun hat! Your napkins are pretty fun... loved seeing the newspaper fabric again. Family blesses me... and blogs!


Isn't it fun when someone thinks of you out of the blue and surprises you, no birthday, no Christmas, just because you are YOU!!!! Congrats. I have felt very blessed for my health today and my family and dear friends.

Kelly Jackson

Oh I know I'm lucky and blessed. I just celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary and I am still in love....which is a blessing and we have food in the fridge and a roof over our heads....so we are truly blessed.



That is just the cutest hat EVER!!!!!


I love this hat! What a clever idea!

You got your hair chopped off? Were you traumatized? I know I would be!


I love this hat! Beautiful.


That's an adorable hat Penny! I LOVE the buttons. Do you love your new short hair???

Mom Wald

What an incredibly fun hat and nice gal!

I just cut off my long curls too, and I miss them terribly.


I'm blessed many times over with the best friend! She's old country style mixed with a modern bend. She's Penny, someone to cherish.


...I have a pony tail, I have a pony tail....
is there a pattern?

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