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16 May 2010


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Good times! Nice hat, beautiful quilt! Thanks for sharing.


look at you! what a fun weekend! I want a burger and broccoli now. mmmmmm.


What a beautiful camping quilt! Looks like a great weekend.


looks like fun. What are you going to do with those little flowers?

wishes, true and kind

Oh, you've got me bouncing up and down in my chair! My husband's family had a pop-up tent trailer when he was growing up and he REALLY wanted one several years ago. I kept insisting that our tent was good enough, but let him fulfill his dream. Oh, my goodness! I love that thing! Now I want to go camping right now! And look at your crochet!!! I have such crochet envy and really want to learn. Maybe I will finally make time this summer....


Fun! and your quilt looks FABULOUS!!

Also, your fabric post forced me to stop over at Pink Chalk, push a few buttons, and order a bunch of yummy echino :)


Looks really chilly but see you have the hat on.. Looks fab.. We don't camp anymore but we loved it.


I love that you took your gorgeous quilt with you! That would add sunshine to any rainy day!


Happy Campers! Love the quilt on your bed. Perfect to crochet flowers while it rains.


Lovely quilt! It really grabs my attention. How fun to go camping in style!


I'd have spent the entire time under that quilt! LOL! Looks like you guys had loads of fun :)


Well the quilt has come in handy!. looks like you had a great time! like the crochet flowers too........ want to share the pattern?


You guys don't play around! You even camp in style! I miss camping so much. We do it in tents, though -- even with all of the children! I'm glad you had a fun time.


What a great time I had, visiting your blog! You make wonderful projects and I love the quilt along tutorial you are giving. I think I should try it one day!


What a great time - I always admire campers, such hard work but oh, the pay off! Fun!

dana - old red barn co.

Oh man! We have been wanting a pop-up for the last several years and just can't find one within our budget. Maybe because I budget is kinda low. :)


We love to go camping and have fantasized about how fun it would be to have a pop up trailer. I love the shot of the quilt on your bed. So glad you had fun despite the weather.


Whoa! Do you ever look cute in the hat! Glad you're using it. Love the quilt. I'd be afraid to take one camping. You're one brave cookie and so smart too.

Jody Blue

I'm curious about the flowers also. Is that a teaser to to keep us coming back:) Have you ever seen the teardrop campers...they look like such fun. They are made here in WI there are some people who have made their own. http://www.tinycamper.com/


OMG is that your quilt as you go quilt?? It's devine !!!!!


OMG!! Those crocheted flowers are the cutest things I have seen? Where is that pattern?? Love them!


Now that looks way too chilly for me, lol - but those burgers look so yummy! Your quilt is so amazing, I can't get enough of looking at it. I love the flowers - where'd you get the pattern?

Mom Wald

Your bit of crochet is BEAUTIFUL!

Even with a lovely quilt I will not camp. I hope your hubby realizes how fortunate he is.

sue brown

I love that crochet!!!! I really wish I could do that, sadly it's jst something I can not seem to master.
We love camping, you have just reminded me to organise some very soon.


loving the scenery inside and out!


It looks like a great weekend. I love seeing all your goods in action, the quilt and the hat look great. The crochet is really pretty too.


I love camping. My husband hates it. He wins. Ahh good camping memories.


I love it...Flea market fancy on a camping quilt. You're styling girl!


look at the beautiful quilt on the bed!!


Love the quilt and the crochet!


Sound like a great weekend. We love camping as well and most of the times we have rain but we have always great trips.Your quilt looks great in your tent/caravan.

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