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26 May 2010


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I still have zipper phobia. I need my zipper expert friend to come hold my hand one day and walk me through it. I have a cookie jar full of metal zippers in different colors and sizes that my mom gave me last summer. :o) They're just pretty to look at.


I have to agree with Stephanie here...zippers scare me!!!!


I just pulled out an orange zipper yesterday! What are you making with yours.


I am the same way! I have a huge jar of thrifted zippers and will be using this tutorial, thanks!


That's a great tip - I do that all the time. It was awesome once I realized how easy it was to make the zipper any size I needed. Then I can just buy by color - a little long - and cut down for the perfect project.

Live a Colorful Life

Looking for the bar tacker on my machine. I'm sure it must be there! Thanks so much for this informatin!


What a good tip to pass along. My mom used to do this all the time and I forget not everyone knows how to do this stuff. Good for you to share it. Isn't it great to be like our parents!


I have snagged a few zippers at the thrift store too. You can't beat the price!

savvy stitch

Great idea! I ALWAYS buy zippers at garage sales, flea markets, the Goodwill etc. Now I just have to use them!

Any word if Flea Market Fancy is going to be printed again???

Hope you have a fabulous day!


Just when I was getting the courage to pitch a bunch of zippers, I read your post. Maybe I should just organize them. Or maybe I should just mail them to you. :-)


Hmmmmmm. I really missed the boat when I moved. I never thought to hand over my old zippers. I'm not even sure what I did with them. It's so nice to see someone adventurous and using color to compliment projects instead of matching. I love that. It adds so much eye candy to things.


I do that too - I love collecting zippers from garage sales and thrift shops! And yes, you can make them any length you need!


thanks for the tip!!


I just used this! Thank you, Penny!

Nan Thomson

I recently bought one of those bags of "assorted goodies" at a thrift store for $2.99 because I saw it was all zippers. Turned out to be 33 of them - all sizes and colours. Bonussssss!!!



I love your blog. I too am a backpacker/hiker/ camper/kayaker/crafter. I have been spending a lot of money on zippers lately.. where else do you find zippers other than yard sales? thanks!!



how do I swe piping on a pillow?


This is also super easy to do by hand. I circle the zipper with my thread (double thread) like four or five times to be sure it will hold. Knot and you are done! I love making my zippers the size I need for the project and not the project to the zipper.

Waynne Carr

I bought a beautiful denim skirt at a thrift store, but i didnt like the way the skirt flared out. It was a-line. I sewed 4 small seams, like darts,
evenly spaced around the bottom of the skirt. Then I took gold metal 7" zippers and sewed them in. When the zippers were closed the little gold pull tabs just hung down a litte below the hem line for a touch of glitz. I can not tell you how many compliments I have had on my skirt. To be a little bit of flirty, you can up zip them a bit too! Have fun!

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