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03 June 2010


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Live a Colorful Life

So cute and cheery. I'm saving/using selvages and my granddaughter's name is Charlotte. I should at least get that one. That is, unless you want to donate the selvage to me? hehe

the last three are must-haves, I think.


Oh help.... I didn't need to see that... especially today when I'm trying to decide what to de-stash LOL



I've got a good collection of the Good town Charlotte... aren't they cute!


Lovely....... but I'm resisting!


Those are adorable Penny. I LOVE the little deer fabric. Whatcha gonna do with them???


great selection penny! i got some of the deer myself! cute!!


I think that what's so alluring about these prints is that they remind me of my childhood.


coveting in dc ;)

Tammy Gilley

Yummy yum yum! Making my heart sing, too!


Whoo hoo! Now where are you gonna put this bit of joy??


I love all of these!

Jody Blue

They are fun...think I had a jumper as a kid that had fabric so similar to the brown one.


I think I'm as in love with these fabrics as you are. I'm already heading over to order some of my own Lecien patterns.

Adventures in Dressmaking

I looove reproduction fabrics! So fun when you see them in a vintage quilt, too! I wish quilting fabrics were more versatile for other kinds of sewing but sometimes you can make a very cute skirt or something from it.


I have these. Love this fabric.


Hi Penny, I'm wondering if you still have these fabrics in your stash? I've been looking for them high and low! Are you ok to sell them to me if you do still have? Let me know thank you so much! xxx wynn

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