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18 June 2010


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Wow! This is absolutely beautiful!!


Just found your blog! Love it! Love this hexie quilt too. How big were your hexagons? They are breathtaking on the large scale! I'm currently working on a 3 1/2 inch hexie I Spy quilt. Also, how did you bind this one? Like a pillowcase and then turn right side out and quilt? Inquiring minds want to know. Beautiful. Jennifer


Congratulations, your hexie quilt made this week's Top 5 Hits! Come check it out, grab a button if you'd like and thanks for sharing your beautiful creation.


do you mind me asking what size these hexies are?
this quilt us just fabulous.
thanks julie


can i ask what size hexies you used?


I used a 10" hexagon acrylic template, similar to the one here: http://sew-craft.com/extra-large-hexagon-acrylic-template-set.html.
For batting, I used flannel that I pieced together using a zig-zag stitch and the edges are not bound, but this quilt is turned. Hope that helps everyone!

Theresa Young

I just saw your Pretty Hexie, Wouldn't You Say?" quilt today and I love it! I have looked quite a bit for the pattern, but have been unable to find it. Is this a pattern that you share? If it is, would you please email it to me? Thank you so much!!
Theresa Young

Angela Kurtz

A very beautiful quilt, lots of work hand stitching. You have patients. I am curious though, don't hexies have 8 sides?????


That would be an octagon I think :)

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