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06 July 2010


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Kelly O.

LOVE this! is it going to be a blanket?!!
I don't know how to crochet but this totally makes me want to learn!
is it a pattern or just out of your head?


Have a great break Penny -- love that ripple!


Have a blast on your break! By the time you're back, I should be on US soil. We're getting so excited! By the way, what is this beautiful "sneak peek"? I love the design and colors.


I think summer is infringing on blog time for many of us!

great crocheting though. :)


Hope you're having a blast camping and crocheting! That is a lovely piece. So you!


Enjoy your break!

Love the peek at all this zig zaggy goodness. Great colour choices.

Kaye Prince

Ohhh, I love that blanket Penny! Is the pattern available somewhere?

Have a great time on your break, can't wait for you to come back!


This is gorgeous!


Love your work! Can't wait to see what you post after your break!!

sue brown

have a lovely blog break Penny, see you in a few weeks.


Enjoy your break! Love the ripple!

Glynis Cozza

No one crochets like you! Pure rhythm! This is lovely! C u on the road! Hugs!

Rae Ann

Absolutely gorgeous afghan! Have a wonderful blog break. I am about due for one myself.
Thanks ahead of time for doing a post for us on the Stash Manicure blog. You are wonderful Penny!


love the blanket and colors and enjoy! summer is awesomely fun!


Love the crocheting - ENJOY the summer, it's far too short!

Nancy Sue

Hello, from outside Washington DC where the temp is 106!
Enjoy your time off. Hope you have cool weather to enjoy the outdoors even more. Found your blog through your guest spot appearance on Stashmanicure and had to comment and let you know. Love your blog, especailly am fond of your hexxie with the cotton thread hand quilting. too sweet!! Kudos!


Loved your post at stash manicure. I really like your idea for the ticker tape quilt. This crochet is lovely. I love all the colors and they go together so wonderfully.


Hello Penny,
I've been following you and love most of your creative work (though I am quite slow and not so serious maybe). I definitely have some of your stuff that i want to 'copy' and will surely post it when done {when? :-)}. Pls allow me to put you in my link.

Thank you & have a great day off

shelia fisher

Enjoy your blogging break

...but i'm missing my morning cup of SEW TAKE A HIKE! :)


Enjoy these sweet days of summer!!!


I love everything about this, Penny!


Have the happiest summer ever! Lovely crocheting and crafting too!


Love the colors of your ripple! Super cute~!


How does one crochet those ripples? I can crochet, but not sure how to do those ripples. I would love to do a baby blanket with those ripples.


I just saw this photo on Pinterest and its enough to make me follow your blog --- hoping to see the finished piece and maybe get the pattern someday???

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