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15 September 2010


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What cute little blocks. Its the first time I've seen that kind of shape, is there a name for it, or did you make it up?

This newbie quilter wants to know!

crafty jemima

How lovely! Those shapes are really unusual - did you design them yourself?

Nerys x


Great pattern penny! I love it :)


very nice post. eye-candy! love those blocks!


This is a great patten - I haven't seen one with these shapes. Like crafty jemima, I am curious to know if you designed them? Very pretty.


I love your wordless post. The pictures speak for themselves and leave me with lots more questions and a few ideas for my own.


I love those little blocks! Sweet!

Katie B

Gorgeous! Love your hand quilting.

Karen Griska

I like this block! Have you named it?
May I use it for the Empire Quilter's BOM? I'll link to your blog, of course.


Those are beautiful blocks -- and an even prettier little quilt!

Glynis Cozza

O Penny, those are lovely! They make me wanna cry they're so darlin. And is that hand stitching? Thanks for sharing!


Love the shapes, the stitching and especially the fabrics...really enjoyed the pics.


Wow! Great block.


love this penny! great job. and love the process photos.


Love these blocks! Don't think I have seen it before. Great job.

Jody Blue

I love the vintage look of the blocks.


I love the blocks! What pattern is that?


Very cool! I love this block.


I do like the idea of "process" photos. I sort of tried to do that on my blog today, but I still have a lot to learn about taking pictures that tell the story : )
I also like the block and wonder what the name is....very modern...is it a traditional block? Thanks for a great blog and great pics.


I do love these blocks! I have wanted to start one myself ever since I saw the block! so sweet and vintage-like and I love your fabrics. Beautiful!


Love it! Great fabrics, especially the upper right modern one.


I love this block!


love this!!


That is so cute! I just love the fabrics that you use in everything. It makes me want to make a little wall hanging quilt (especially because I tend to get impatient with big projects so a full quilt is usually out of the question. :)


The blocks are so cute! I especially like the fabric in the upper right one. You are o' so talented and crafty.


I love this. So cute. I'm with everyone else in wondering if this is a pattern that has a name or did you make this one up?


I love it. Going to make an I Spy with it!!


So unusual. Love this block. It looks hard.

Lei B.

Your blocks are just beautiful! Thank you for posting the pictures of this block. I was looking for a new block to make after spending months on hexies and this is it.

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