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25 September 2010


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Looks amazing Penny! Love the fun colours you have used. The orange polka dot border is perfect!


So bright and colorful. I love it!!


Oooh, it's lovely. The hand quilting makes it. And that orange polka dot border and binding? Oh my!


THis is amazing, even if it about put you over the edge. I think it was well worth it. I just love the hand stitching on the polka dots!


Oh, I just LOVE this quilt! I'm sure it was tedious, but it is wonderful!


I love it, the orange with white polka dots is perfect!


The hand quilting add SO MUCH! Love it!

Kimberly White

This is gorgeous! Great quilt! I really like the hand quilting!


It's lovely! You should bring it to the retreat in November to show Amanda!

Justine Henshaw

Gorgeous I love it, the hand quilting is so cute!

Brandy Moon

Oh my goodness! I love this quilt! You did a fantastic job and should really pat yourself on the back!

Holly | bijou lovely

This quilt is so fun! I love the hand quilting and how it's only around some of the pieces. Great job!

M Elmer

This is the cutest quilt... possibly ever!! I love love love the hand stitching. You did a great job.


I LOVE this! You make the cutest things!!!
What kind of thread did you use for the outline quilting? It almost looks like embroidery floss.
It would be nice to see even more pictures!


i really love this. so colorful and comfy looking! your detailing is lovely.


Great job, Penny. Keep up the good work. Where did you say you were gonna use this one?

D Spack

Oh My Heck Penny! it's so awesome! Good job!


I love this!!! SO beautiful! :)


Looks good! Other than the hand-stitching, what other changes did you make to her pattern / tutorial?

I have a ton of scraps I could do this with, too.


Love it!!


Those hand quilted circles are fabulous!

Janet Langley

Please show us a picture of the back of the quilt. It is such a happy quilt!


I love it!! The handquilting is perfect, glad you did it. I just started a quilt like this but I put my 'stamps' closer together. Yours looks so good, I think I might go back and spread mine out (luckily not sewed down yet, just pinned). Yours is just beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.


oh wow Penny! that is so beautiful!!! love all your fabric choices and the hand quilting looks devine!


This is SO cute and the hand quilting is just the perfect addition to it. Well worth the effort!


The hand quilting was worth every minute!


OH. MY. WORD. I am pretty sure that is the most awesome quilt I've ever seen. SERIOUSLY! I am so doing one of those. Oh it's beautiful! Where did you get the orange dots, I've been looking for something just like that. Is it older fabric or something that's still available? I would sure appreciate it if it'd work for you to email me and let me know, thanks so much Penny - you are AMAZING!!!


That is insanely cheerful - I LOVE it!!!!!!!!

Karen H

Very cute! How big is it?

Krista - Poppyprint

It's just fabulous all over!


Totally uplifting-happy and inspiring


so fun! I LOVE it!

Robyn of Coffee and Cotton

Such a Happy Quilt!

Katie B

Beautiful! The hand quilting was totally worth it.


love that hand quilting! so cute.


OK, wow. That is really great. Very inspirational. The black quilting, sigh. The polka dot border, sigh.

Rachel at Stitched in Color

What a great use for scraps. I can see that the hand quilting was a lot of work, but you should be proud. It's a great effect =)


Love, love, love this! I'm sure all that hand quilting was hard but it looks amazing! Great job!

Amy - Amy's Creative Side

Beautiful!! the hand quilting is amazing - glad you didn't go quite over the edge :)


Love the choice of fabrics against the white background. Not enough classic white background quilts these days.


The hand stitching puts it over the top! CUTE CUTE CUTE!

Margaret Hurst

I love the way this quilt looks and the hand quilting is fabulous!


Love it!!! The hand-quilting adds so much fun! And the back is great! Congratulations on a very happy quilt!

; )


Such a beauty! Congratulations and greetings from Germany


It turned out really beautifully.


i love it, penny!!


Super cute! Love the colors.

lucy locket

It's absolutely gorgeous! lucy x

Glynis Cozza

TASTEful addition to the dining room. Everytime I see that orange dot on someones blog or on one of your pieces, it makes me think of The Storyteller quilt, and Orange Creamcicles. Yummy. What are you gonna do if that orange dot supply every runs out? Gotta love its versatility. Wondering what flavor will every be able to be its successor?


What setting do you use on your machine to make circles? I got a new machine and I'm pretty sure it can do it.

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