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25 October 2010


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Although I'm a dressmaker I always wondered how to do curved piecing... you make it look so easy!.. just finishing my pieced bird!


What a great tutorial, thanks!


You make it look so easy and fun! Thank you for sharing!
; )

Lois Grebowski

you make it look so darn easy!


I've never tried curved piecing as it's always looked difficult. I like this tutorial because if I'm off with my curves, it really won't matter!


cool tutorial Penny! I love curved piecing and this will come in handy!


Love your curves! And I don't mean that in a creepy way.


Thanks for the great tutorial! I may actually have the courage to try this. Thanks for the organizational tip photo too! I'm getting ready to move my crafting junk room (my eldest daughter got married and I inherited a larger room) and I need to organize my ever growing fabric stash (without spending my retirement.) I like the wire stackables - they look practible.

Emily Hedrick

Nice! Thank you! Cannot wait to try it.


Thanks, Penny! I love seeing how scraps are stored by folks who love them as much as you do. Because the curves are so gentle, is it not necessary to clip the seam allowance? Thanks for your thoughts!


Hi Suzanne,
I rarely clip seams, even if the curves are pretty extreme. I always press first and then if the seam is wanting to lay kind of wonky, then I'll clip where needed. Most of the time they are just fine without it though!


Great tutorial, thanks for sharing Penny!I'm sure I'll use this :)


Very cool Penny! Now, step away from the sewing machine and pack your bags!!!


wonderful! what a great little block!

Alia Ghulam

This is so much fun! I am working on busting my stash right now with a gajillion 2.5" squares! Nothing fancy. Come on over and have a look! I have made a lot and need to photograph it still but in a few hours it should be up!


Wow, now that's improve to the max. I would have HAD to press the fabric BEFORE I cut and sewed. Ha! You rock! Cool tutorial, Penny.


That is really, really cool! Thanks for showing us how!


that is sooo clever of you . . . will definitley try it soon!


Where did you get that tall set of cubby holes?
Soon I'll need something like that for my scraps.... and I would totally have to press all my scraps before using them - i'm just OCD that way :-) haha


love this Penny! you are so darn creative, love your designs ...


ohmygosh I LOVE THIS!!
Thank you so much for making this so easy for me :) I'm a beginner with sewing so I need all the help I can get!
thank you!!


I love this - thank you so much Penny!!!

Katie @ Sew Many Mamas

I've never tried curved seams before. I just might have to now... thanks for sharing!


I like this very much! I might use this for some of the giveaway pillows for the retreat!


what a great post penny. and I love that pillow all over again!

Kate Conklin

Thanks for a fantastic post!! Your cushions look amazing.


You really do rock! Really!


You've been tagged (because I love your blog!) Hope you'll check it out here:


Love how you use scraps! I am always asking people who sew for their scraps so I can use them to the end. I make bookmarks, yoyos etc....with them.


What a gorgeous block and pillow! Thanks so much for this, I'll be linking.

Mountain Mom (Rachel)

I've been looking at a lot of "hot to sew curves" lately and I think I like yours the best because it is so clear and straightforward. Thanks!

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So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)


penny, penny,
That's such a great idea!!


i did this block and love it! thanks for the great tutorial, and also for doing something that i've never really seen before. :)


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