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17 October 2010


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sounds like such a lot of fun!! safe travels for you...wish i could see ill see you there...


I will be at the quilt show. Not market though.


so exciting!

I am going to try to make it to Salt Lake in the Spring. :)



*sob* Well, I won't be going, you'd better take a LOT of pics girl! I'm so excited for you!

shelia fisher

Me jealous? ok...much :)
Have a wonderful time!


That's so amazing! Have a wonderful, fabulous time!


you'll have a total blast penny!


eeek! lucky YOU!! have fun!! ;)

Kelly Jackson

I'll be there...just give me a booth number and I'll stop by and say hi :)

Kelly from I Have A Notion


Sweet! Soak it all up for those of us who can't be there.



I'll be there and I'll be sure to come and give you a hug!



How exciting Penny!! have a wonderful trip - can't wait to read all about it when you return.


Oh I do wish I were going! But I have a couple of friends going and I have sent a list with them! Ha! Have fun and can't wait to see all the pics!


have the best time ever! what an awesome hubby!


congrats!!! i'll be there too so we'll have to plan on meeting in person as well!!!


sooo jealous! Have a blast!


Have a great time! I'm a little jealous:)


How very exciting! Hope your trip doesn't include a giant Denver snowstorm on the return like mine did. Wishing you loads of fun and CLEAR skies.


Well, aren't you the blessed one! You'll be amazed with all the stuff you see!! I went after 9/11 and still am floating from that. Enjoy and take lots of money.

Krista - Poppyprint

Jealous all the way. Have a ball!


Jealous!! Have a fantastic time and take loads of pictures!


Oh..so jealous! I have wanted to go for years! Have so much fun!! =)


I am so jealous! Not that I've quilted in the past eight years (other than one unfinished baby quilt), but that you ladies are FABULOUS, Houston is dear to my heart, and I'd love to visit the booth and meet Sheree!!! Have a blast, Penny. How sweet of L-Man to send you.

Jody Blue

That is such a sweet gift for you, enjoy!! It will be fun to see/hear about your little hiatus!

Robyn of Coffee and Cotton

Cool! Congrats...and I'm jealous. Will you also be there for the Festival part? If so I may get to meet you. Have fun!


I’d like to invite you to a link-up event at my place on November 5th and 6th called, The Airing of the Quilts. I’d be pleased if you could join us, and hope you’ll hop over to my blog and grab the party button so you can help me spread the word.


Ooooh Penny -- I hope I see you! I'll be helping Kellie in her booth and going by last market, I wasn't able to escape much. I didn't even see the whole market, and I'm guessing it's going to be even bigger this time. Our booth will be right behind Ty Pennington, if you manage to find him. Hopefully we can find each other!


Oh wait! I guess I should have asked -- are you going to market or festival? We'll be at market!

Alicia Key

I"m going! I'll hunt for you! See you there!


woot woot!! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to hear all about it.


You have no idea how suicidal I am about not being at market. I am so super jealous. I'd love to meet you. I should have gone. I'm really mad I didn't. I kept thinking spring in SLC is just around the corner. So I passed. And now I'm sad. Have fun though. Love love this curved block.

Perfilo e persogno

Che bello il tuo blog, allegro e con dei bellissimi tutorial, brava. Elena

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