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04 November 2010


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I was thinking it would have been kind of NICE to see a kitty cat up there on the table. ;)


WOW! Your quilt just looks absolutely divine!!

Sandy Bradley

I love your version of the ticker tape quilt. Looks great on the table. Hope you take it off to eat! Love it!


Really lovely! The hand quilting really makes it! :)


This quilt is spectacular. It is so much fun to just look at and see all the different prints playing happily together.


I still just sigh in admiration at those hand quilted polka dots!


I LOVE it Penny - the orange polka dots sets off all the other fabrics perfectly. What a lovely, fun table cloth.


Beautiful quilt!


It's beautiful! And yes, quilts are made just for cats. meow....


It's gorgeous - I love it - and what a lovely sentiment behind it! I should make one of these, it looks like a lot of fun!


It is such a happy quilt so many great ideas combined together in the construction too


It looks gorgeous on the table! I love it as usual with what you make :)


What a happy, delicious quilt! Looks great on your table!


So pretty! I could look at all the different fabrics all day long.


This looks so fresh and happy. You are an inspiration to me Penny.

Lois Grebowski

I love the hand-stitched accent! I was just commenting on Jodi's post (Pleasant Home) that I wish I had scraps. I recently forwarded mine to my youngest. I guess I need to build my own stash of scraps after my move.

LOVE the quilt and it's scrappy goodness!!!!


A great quilt, very fun!

Elizabeth D.

This is gorgeous! I love the bright colors! :)


Love it!! I can't believe you made one this big! I think I will try a doll sized one first!


That is so cool! Scrappy quilts are just so visually interesting, and this one really has it going on. Love the quilting with crochet cotton.


I love the brightness of the orange and the polka dots and how you've quilted this goergous quilt. Thanks for sharing!


oh, Penny! this is beautiful! I love the polka dots and the scrappifulness of it all!


what an amazing quilt! i haad never seen anything quite like this! and i'm surprised the cat didn't appear to give his seal of approval...


Oh thats cute, I like the idea of using flannel and having it be a table cloth.


I love this quilt! someone at the PMQG shared one and I just have to make one! love it!


oh and I think your blog is the best! I so enjoy it!


still love this quilt so much. The orange polka dot border is just so sweet! And I love that you drew us all together through a quilt top. Now it's like a big bloggy hug every time you wrap up in it. Just don't spill ketchup on me though... ;)


Penny, I love that you chose this quilt because it is an all time fav of mine! I think of playing with the idea every so often...funny thing is the hand stitching and novelty fabrics are just so striking and memorable!


Oh, I love this! I've been thinking of making one of these, but I might start out by trying a doll size quilt first. :)


This quilt is perfect in every way!! The fabrics, the crochet stitching, the idea of making suitable for a summer blanket as well as a tablecloth. beautiful!!!


Ooooh. I love this quilt. I want to make one for myself.


I love love love this quilt!

Machen und Tun

great quilt/tablecloth!! you did an awesome job here. and i miss your cat on the table!!


I love the hand quilting! Awesome quilt!


I love it!


Great quilt. Love the orange border. i so love spotty fabrics but the orange looks so perfect with your 'ticker tapes'. The hand quilting touches really look fabulous.


One of my favorites! Loved it the first time I saw it here and still do! Gotta make me one!


Love this quilt - the mix of lovely small pieces and the fun quilting. It's so cheerful!
; )

Carol Hansen

I like your version of the ticker tape design. Very pretty.


I love your ticker tape twist quilt.


this is totally a beautiful and so inspiring quilt- gorgeous!

Do I spy a christmas tree already lit up? Dang, someone is on top of things!!! :o)

Amy Smart

Penny - I love this! Such great idea to do it in smaller blocks. I've wanted to do one for so long but wasn't sure how to manage something big. You are a genius. I love the hand quilting too!


Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE your ticker tape twist quilt. LOVE. IT! That hand quilting just puts it over the top. I'm gonna be thinking about your quilt all day.


Fabulous! Love the idea of using flannel as batting and then use it as a tablecloth! So fun to look at the little pieces of fabric and know how much enjoyment I've gotten from some of the same ones :) Enjoy.

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