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06 November 2010


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wow I can't wait to see what is up your sleeve.
also I love love love your triangle quilt. I need to make something like it for my 7 yo daughter who love triangles.
thanks for sharing your wonderful talents
it is always a pleasure to read your blog

Alia Ghulam

HI! I don't have any bloggie friends! I mean there are the two that comment most often and they live in the same city but we don't hang. They do with each other though! Really nice gals! I'm happy that you have one and I hope you meet really soon! I also can't wait to see what 'is up your sleeve'!! I love those fabrics! I recognize those fabrics!! I also enjoy reading your blog and you are on my sidebar!! Last but not least, love, love, love the triangle quilt! So fun!


Hi, Penny! What a cute quilt, and what an adorable baby! I've "met" some pretty cool and inspirational people through blogging... I feel blessed, too! Can't wait to see what you have "up your sleeve!"


Maggie is adorable! And she looks so sweet on that darling quilt!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

What a pretty fabric stack! I'm totally curious now =)


Cutest pic - babies and quilts - can't beat them:) I'm sensing something Christmasy with those yummy fabrics ..... can't wait to see what's next! Ciao


That's one beautiful quilt -- and one gorgeous baby! Penny, you already know my favorite bloggy friend story. :-)


lovely quilt and baby! looking forward to seeing you next weekend. Mama sais sew is having a tea for quilting guilds this afternoon with discounts. Are you going?


what a cute pic of the quilt in use. :) and your fabric picks look fun!


What a beautiful quilt and baby! How nice of you to make such a special gift, Penny! I've met online and in person so many wonderful quilters (including you!) and have formed friendships that I know will last a lifetime! I only wish I knew where my Japanese penpal from my youth was now! I love the look of your blog since I was last here - and that you've been to quilt market - yippeeee! Maybe I'll see you there next spring - I hope to be going with a designer friend I also met through blogging!

Jody Blue

I love the simple sweetness of the quilt...and yes she is adorable!! What fun Christmas fabrics, vintage feel is always my favorite.


i've met one ravelry/bloggy friend in real life--twice! the first time was a little awkward like we were on a first date :) but the second time we just fell in to a rhythm right away.
if i had to pick only one quilt blogger to meet in person (in my whole lifetime), it would be you. your color sense and design sense continually blow me away with awesomeness. so, if you are ever in the market for another bloggy friend let me know :)


My favorite bloggy friend story: Jessica Jones of "How About Orange," and her mother have the funniest conversations with each other via the comments section. so I finally clicked on her mother's link and found out she lives in southern Minnesota, about forty minutes from my husband's hometown. We were visiting there last summer, she and I met and are very good friends now.

And I love your new header.

And your triangle quilt!


you are the best Penny! I fall in love with this quilt a little bit more every time I look at it! It gets a lot of compliments too. :)

I'm making it my personal mission to meet in person as many bloggy friends as I can. You and Dana (old red barn) and E. (pinksuedeshoe) are on my list for next year!

love you!

Glynis Cozza

Very sweet story! From your non-bloggy friend :)


I've made a quilt for a blog pal's son! I've never officially met her or her son but hope to someday. :)

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