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06 December 2010


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LOVE the mannequins and tape measure fabric - I can't wait to see what you turn it into!


YOU have fabulous taste in fabric -- love those polkies!


Great fabrics!!


love all the fabrics ... I'm doing the same ... putting the nose to the machine! Yesterday I began AND finished 2 projects, all the while saying that I didn't want to do them right then (wanted to go to the bookstore). I'm glad I did because it's 2 less to think about. Have a few more to do and then it will be Christmas!
Making my son and daughter=in=law lap quilts, something quite different than I usually do, as far as quilts go ... they are both art students and I wanted to make something a little different. Got some inspiration from Louise Bourgeois, you should google her. Incredible work from this woman! Should be interesting to see how the quilts come out.


Very fun! I posted about the starch on my blog. Feel free to link to it or post the recipe here.

Victoria Paige

I've got lots of things I need to get done. Unfortunately the doctor has ordered me to stay off my feet and rest with my feet elevated. I don't know how I'm going to get things done for Christmas. :-/


love all the eye candy! can't wait til thrusday!

Glynis Cozza

That's so torturous! The cosmo cricket tailor made is so tempting. didnt see those dots when I shopped pink chalk this weekend! too adorable! Thanks for letting us shop vicariously through you!


Love the fabrics - I'm a HUGE fan of Jennifer P's fabrics, I love every single one! I'm trying to finish anything I've started, I've got so many projects going on - if I get one finished in time for Christmas I'll be happy, lol!


Love the mannequin fabric!

Have to finish decorating and then START a couple of gift projects for two special friends. Hopefully, I can figure out what I want to do soon.

Have been making gingerbread pot holders (as shown on my blog) and will continue to make more for little "tuck-in" gifts.

Enjoy your December and the holidays!


ooo penny, you are good. those fabrics are fab. :)

Glynis Cozza

Hope you're conquering your deadlines, staying JOYfully and creatively focused. Looking forward to Thursday ... I peeked :)


Oh deadlines. I feel like I'm in Christmas denial. Love your fabric. I have some of those. I really love when we have the same fabrics.


I love the dots! Deadlines shmedlines. Good luck with your projects!

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