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08 January 2011


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So wonderful to see you again! Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

My 2011 word is FINISH so that is what I'm setting my sights on. I have a lot of quilts in the queue and a bunch of other projects in the background as well. I'm armed with a list and have started blocking time into my schedule for finishing. A date with sewing machine. Imagine that. :-)


Welcome home and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Been missing you, Travelor. Have a spinning wheel ordered and maybe will come in little over a week. In the mean time I'm knitting knitting knitting.


It sounds like it has been a great three weeks. Happy anniversary.


oh gosh Penny, I was waiting for you to post!! :) I don't think I've ever seen your pic, you guys are tooooooo cute! Glad to hear you had a great holiday and a happy anniversary.

wishes, true and kind

Welcome back, busy lady, and congratulations on your anniversary! My New Years resolution should have been to take my machine in. You have motivated me with the idea of it "sewing like a dream".


Hey Penny...glad you had a great holiday...crazy busy in my neck of the woods, but wouldn't have had it any other way. My goal this week is to find my sewing machine in my incredibly messy sewing room...wish me luck.


.... can't do the crochet thing, that's the one crafting thing that's always defeated me...onto quilt number 4 though!

sue brown

So glad you had a lovely Christmas, New Year and Anniversary. Ours was quiet and nice just relaxing around family.
This year I will taking up going to markets once again after a 2 year hiatus. I'll be bringing a little 'modern' into this slightly backward way of thinking town.

Glynis Cozza

East or West, Home is Best!
It's a Wonderful Life!

krista - Poppyprint

Welcome back! Congratulations on your milestone anniversary and also on most original new years eve photos ever! You two are adorable!


I'm so glad you're baaaaack! I was starting to worry. How great that you had some wonderful travels! Happy Anniversary!


LOL Penny - there's a group for that??? 'Bout time! Glad to see you back - that's a LOT of driving. Happy Anniversary - you two are darling! Love the pics with the bulls, you brave woman. Your potholders are GORGEOUS!


Hope you had fun! Looks like it!

I'm excited to get my act together and stop being lazy. How's that for self-incrimination?


Yay -- it's so nice to see you back! Happy Belated Anniversary -- cute pics of you and the hubby!


Great shots. What an adventure. I am a beginner crocheter so I will forgo the terrific holders

Wendy Ladd

So glad you're back! I'm officially a crochet enthusiast now too! Wanna plan a nice little giveaway for your fabulous readers???
Happy New Year! Wendy, www.TheFabricQuarter.com


Small world...I was in the same area over the holidays! My hometown is about 25 minutes from Oxford.

In 2011 I'm excited for all the new opportunities that will be coming my way!


Ooh, what a pretty barn. And may I say...what a handsome husband! Congrats on 15 yrs.


good to have you back :)
i have some project finishing on my to-do list, but i seem to keep picking up *new* things to do....oh well.


Happy Belated Anniversary, Penny!

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