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20 January 2011


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Excellent tutorial - thanks!


Cool! Thanks for the tutorial.


This could not have come at a better time! I'm going to finish the edge of my Castle Peeps quilt with prairie points and now I won't go nutso doing it! My family and I thank you for that.


This is so perfect!


Wow I absolutely love this, I can't wait to give it a go, I love the look of prairie points but like you didn't want to try lining them all up evenly! How exciting!!!


And if you were to sew two strips of 3.25'' width together of different patterns/color, you would have alternating print/color prairie points :) I love this technique :) I've seen it done with 2 jelly rolls strips for baby quilts too :)


Wow...how slick is that?! Gotta be the best way to make prairie points ever. If I ever get a chance to use them (or actually quilt again!)I'm using 'the Penny technique'. Thanks, Penny

Marianne Duvendack

Awesome! Thanks for the tips!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Wow, I didn't even know there were "Prairie Points." Super cute! I love the polaroid intro picture too!


This is a great, EASY way to make them. I just may have to use this for a baby quilt I'll be making soon!

little betty

Oh my gosh - this is the cleverest thing I've ever seen! I'm definitely going to give this a go.


Wow! That's AWESOME Penny! I love to put prairie points on baby quilts, so I'm going to have to remember that technique!


very cute penny! I don't use prairie points myself but you have me thinking about how that could be translated to other shapes!


I can't even express how excited I am about this! Thank you for sharing! : D


wow, this is super cool penny!


you actually make this look simple! thanks for the how-to!


Wow, that looks easy! I might even try that, lol!


I'm convinced that you're a genius. For real.

Angelique Bandy

Thanks a million! I just might have to try this!


Thanks a lot - I haven´t seen this technique before! I have to it sometimes...


Wow, this is very very clever!!! Thank you so much for sharing.


I've seen this technique before - but couldn't quite get the end bits. You've made it really really clear now! Thanks Penny!


Well.......... just how easy is that!.. fantastic stuff, just need a quilt for it to go around now, that must nean SHOPPING!


fantastic tutorial! Thank you:)

Lois Grebowski

Squee! What a totally fantastic tute! I can't wait to try it!


Wow, wow, wow! Once again a great tutorial that leaves me with the awesome feeling that yes, I can do that! Thanks!


This looks completely "doable"!
Thanks for the great explanation!


I may finally give this a try.. You make it seem so easy.. What a great job of explaining!

Kelly Jackson

Excellent tutorial!!



That is so clever- I already know wear I am going to use it! Thankyou


I might actually put prairie points on something now - thanks!


That is just so cool. How do people think of these things! Awesome!! Thanks for making it look so easy.


Genius! Thanks so much for this.


Thanks for the how-to!!

Mama Spark

Ok, I hate to be obtuse, but how do you advise to join your strips together? I love the tutorial, but am perplexed about that.


Hi Mama Spark,
Not obtuse at all. You don't need to sew the strips together. On your project, you will pin them in place and sew them down. You just place them so the end of one strip is right next to the beginning of the next.


that does look super easy! I'm excited to try it! i love the look of prairie points - you are a genius!! that's a cute blanket you put them on too.


WOW! I have always made them individually - this will be so much faster and easier! Thank you for sharing!


OMG how neat. Have done it the old way. Can you say pull out hair. This will be a lifesaver. Thanks

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts

great tutorial penny!!!


I love the point on your glue to make a tiny bead. What is the brand you use? I always get an awful mess when using glue. Thanks!


I had no idea it could be that easy. WOW! I'm excited! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Ann in PA

This makes it look so easy! May have to give it a try this afternoon while stuck home in the ice and snow!


Wow thank you thank you thank you, I was admiring my good friends blanket from when she was a baby that had this border and I wanted to recreate it for my daughter's quilt but I had no idea where to start. This is so wonderful thanks!


this is a fabulous tutorial!!! thank you!!! :)


WOW,perfect little prairie points! Thanks for the tut. I love your site!

Donna Hutton

I may just be too old to understand, I can make the prairie points with your instructions, but how do I attach them to the edges of my quilt? Is there another good tutorial for that?


Hi Donna,
Absolutely not! Ok, I basted them on (pointing in) about 1/8" from the edge before sandwiching them and turning them in the project. Remember, you'll be TURNING whatever project you put these on! Good luck!


Wow this is great! I can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!


This is so easy and simple! Thanks! How i never think about this before?

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