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16 February 2011


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Karen Griska

Yayy, Rachel!
I can see why you like that pattern, what a cool quilt. All those curves, though, it looks tricky. Show us more.


It's going to look great - terrific fabric choices! I just finished piecing that quilt pattern, myself. It was great to feel like a master of the curved seam by the end of it! Here it is if you'd like to take a look: http://pickledish.blogspot.com/2011/02/this-is-ogee.html

Lois Grebowski

Delurking...That is a cool pattern. I love the curves. I've never sewn with curves, but I'm looking forward to learning.I can't wait to see the finished quilt. I know it will be gorgeous!


I've been wanting to try this, and yours looks awesome!


Hurray, Rachel (I thought it was me until I clicked the link...)

That is the coolest pattern. It looks great! It also looks difficult. Is it?


I hope you share more photos of this quilt as your work on it progresses. it's great!

Sarah C.

Such a pretty pattern - I think it's going on my short list of stuff I need to make! If you like this pattern, be sure to check out my blog on Sunday - there'll be a giveaway you may be interested in! ConfessionsOfAFabricAddict.blogspot.com


Ohhh. I wondered how that quilt was assembled. Ingenious. I cant wait to see it finished.

Rachel B.

What a great news to wake up to! Thanks to the other Rachel for letting me know! And thanks again for such a great giveaway! Can't believe I won.

krista - Poppyprint

Oh! Your curlicue is going to be fab. I got the pattern with my FQly renewal so I'm looking forward to seeing some pop up in blogland/flickr for inspiration - love that flour sack print in there!!!


WOW this is going to be an awesome quilt! I don't think i've seen that pattern before - very cool!


Congrats to Rachel! I like that quilt that you're doing a lot, I remember seeing it on the blog. It reminds me of vintage Christmas ornaments!


That really is the most awesome wip I've seen in a long time!


thank YOU for being awesome. Seriously. And yes, this quilt is going to be amazing!

wendy @ the fabric quarter

So excited to see what Rachel does with those fabrics she won!
We heart you too Penny!
And that Curlicue quilt looks HARD! Pickledish's version was amazing too! I just got this new little foot for my sewing machine that is made for curves. its awesome [I mean the demo I saw was awesome...I have not tried it...]
Wendy @ www.thefabricquarter.com


It looks so so complicated. I love the blocks and love the fabrics.

Bec Johnson - Chasing Cottons

ahhhh I LOVE IT!!! Looks like your making some great progress!! It is so so exciting seeing someone using one of my patterns!! Make sure you send me a finished picture!! And for all of you who are a bit scared to try curves... I have a Bird Cage Pillow Tutorial on Sew Mama Sew....that teaches you step by step how....Be Brave!! Its easier than it looks!! xx

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

This is a fantastic pattern but those curves kinda scare me-lol. I tried a similar quilt many years ago and never finished it because my curves were horrid. I'll have to build up my courage to tackle this design.

Yours is lovely. Enjoy your day.

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