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02 February 2011


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You made me smile today. I grew up with seven minute frosting... :-) My mom used to make a white cake and put lemon filling on it and then seven minute frosting.... Thanks for the nice thought today!


The cake looks fantastic! If you liked "Tender to the Bone", I bet you'd like "My Homemade Life" by Molly Wizenberg. Great book in a similar style. (tho I love all of Ruth Reichl's books too!!)


this looks so delicious penny! I want to eat it off my screen, hmm, maybe I should have breakfast first. heheeh YUM!


Oooh, my mom used to make that combo too -- thanks for the reminder -- it looks wonderful!

Sage Norbury

Thanks for the picture. When I was growing up this was my favorite cake! Mom would always make it for my birthday. I have made a few over the years for myself and have learned that humidity has a lot to do with how it turns out. As my birthday is 12/29, I really have to commend Mom for this. December weather in our area is always iffy. Thanks for the key to my memories.


This looks so yummy! The book sounds nice, too. I enjoy recipe books that also offer something good to read.


Well now i'm hungry!! That looks delish!

Alia Ghulam

mmm. i just discovered 7 minute frosting last year! Just wanted to let you know too that I received the package tonight! yay! thank you!

Lauren JH

Penny: That was always our family's official birthday cake! May have to make one!!! Thanks for the sweet memory.


Mmmmmm...seven minute frosting.just thinking about it makes me drool.my great aunt made it for me as a child.made from scratch yellow cake. homemade butter. farm fresh eggs. layered with seven minut frosting and fresh picked wild strawberries. i can still see it. smell it. almost taste it. nearly heaven on earth.


Divine! And I'm glad you've tried one of the recipes from the book--I read Tender at the Bone several years ago and enjoyed it but haven't attempted any of the recipes yet. Looks wonderful!


You know that just calls for a BIG latte and a lazy snowy day.


mmmmm looks yummy


My mom made the same thing for birthdays. Wow..takes me back, 'thanks for the memories' (who was it who sang that ??)


Your cake was fantastic....mine a disaster!
but I do like the book!

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