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07 February 2011


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Penny, your shoppings are so beautiful! Your should publish a pattern book. :)

Lee Ann

Oh definitely a pdf! I love the shape of them. :) Also, what are you using for the produce bags?


Your bags are adorable and have me thinking. I'd love to know what you use to make the produce bags. It looks like you use a serger on the edges. I wonder if I could get sturdy results with a regular sewing machine.


Very cute Penny! I love those little produce bags too -- very clever!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Your recycle sign is so cute!


too too cute!

i posted about my kitchen swap project today also. :)


I love these produce bags. I have made them using netting or tulle like what tutus are made out of.
Also yes!! penny please a pdf pattern for your shopping bags.


Another netting to use would be screening used for tents. Pliable and soft. They hold up longer than tulle.
By all means do the pdf. Anything one can do to promote recycling is a step ahead.


Oh what a lucky partner! Love it all - I do hope you make a pattern of that bag!

krista - Poppyprint

Isn't it hard to say no to swaps when your friends all join?! This is a sweet package for your partner. I really like grocery totes that pack up - looking forward to your pattern.


So glad you're thinking of finally making a pdf pattern for the shopping bag! I KNOW it will be worth your while AND I've been waiting to purchase one!! :)


Splendiferous! Please make a pattern for that awesome bag. I use reusable bags already, but life would be simple if I had a couple rolled up ones stashed in my purse or glovebox.


ooo penny, thank you for being so inspiring. :) these are so beautiful and I would love a pattern for that bag, I was just thinking I need to carry one around in my purse, so this would be perfect! :)

Sew Sane Jane

Yes please!!!!


Those shopping bags would be so wonderful for travel since they fold down to such a small size.

Belinda Gelhausen

Yes please do a pdf of those shopping bags!


Oh, yes please on the pattern! Love the shopping bags.

Alia Ghulam

love these bags! love how they shut in a little bundle! yes, please make that pattern!


Holy Cow. Cute cute cute Penny.


You know, Penny...I remember you posting about reusable produce bags and I have been thinking about them ever since. Have you ever made them with muslin? I bought some thinking I would try them out, but I don't know if they will be see-thru enough. AND, I had thought about putting a recycle applique on a reusable shopping bag just like you. Love it! And, it sure makes the grocery store a little more fun!




Yes, love these! If you write up a pattern, let us know--I'd be interested.


Hi! I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve nominated your blog for the Stylish Blog Award!


Robyn of Coffee and Cotton

Your swap partner is one fortunate person! So very cute and lovely!
P.S. - still haven't forgotten your hat. I feel so flakey :(


Love these bags! I would gladly take a PDF pattern for them :o)

You're partner is lucky!


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