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09 March 2011


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That's why I haven't gone into any quilting bees as I'm way too scared that I would make a total disaster of it. I put enough pressure on myself when I'm making quilts for me, I don't need to give myself a heart attack worrying about how crap my block for someone else is going to look!!!

Yours blocks look wonderful and if you hadn't pointed it out I would never ever thought it looked like an alien praying mantis. I love the "not a hexagon" block.

amy (badskirt)

On a positive note, at least your blocks are done on time. My blocks for Lucinda are going to be overdue. I'm sure she's rather have a pretty hexagon block on time than my late ones. I love your spring linen block. If she doesn't like it, I'll take it!


I didn't read the instructions properly because I thought I knew best and made the block all wrong, I don't measure the fabric before I get going so have ended up with seams so scant (like two threads), one sneeze and the whole thing would fall apart and I've cut a block too small so added a border but not shown the border in the pic I posted online so it looked perfect even though it had an emergency border added.


I totally sympathize with you! My bee blocks have gone mostly smoothly, but I did have one month where the girl whose month is was told us to do whatever we wanted. Great, right? Apparently not for me. I made this like... sort of crazy quilt block, but not good at all. It was odd. Oh, she had also told us that we could add bits of our own fabric, so for some reason I added this awful brown (it seemed like a good idea at the time!), but it turned out that the brown was a very heavy fabric and didn't blend well with her lovely quilting cottons. It was a hot mess all around. I felt so bad. And I knew she only had a limited amount of her fabric, so I felt double bad.

I think those of us who participate in bees have all had at least one little misstep. But I must say, I love your Spring shoot! It's seriously not even a fraction as bad as you think it is. It's really cute!


I like the curved piecing on the "alien" block and the hexie block is great too. once these go into the mix all will be forgiven. but I'm also guilty of not following (or understanding) the directions.


I've found that bees generally break up into two categories... people that want to be in a bee to use the members for their creativity and people who want to be in a bee to use members to help them sew a zillion of the same block. Which is fine I feel that when it is your turn you should get to pick whatever you want. One month I got fabric that was already 100% pre-cut and specific instructions for what pieces to sew where. Seriously there was a little chart that had SPECIFIC fabrics outlined for each row. I of course was watching tv while sewing and not really paying attention and sewed the wrong pieces to the wrong spot not realizing that I had to trim strips that were huge. And of course there wasn't any extra fabric or anyway I could shift things around as it was all pre-cut for it's specific row - oh and it was on out of print moda line I didn't own. Yeah I had to send back a block that was only halfway finished and the half that was finished was wrong to boot. I did send a couple of FQs as a way of saying I'm sorry to for being a dumb-dumb.


I love both blocks and what a nice friend you have to be so sweet about them.
As of yet I haven't been part of a bee block exchange. I'd like to but just haven't found one to be part of. Do you know of any I can join?


oh this post is absolutely cracking me up. I definitely see the alien preying mantis! lol. I think that we've all been there penny. A block that looked so good in our mind, but the reality never really came together quite like we wanted. I love the hexie block! You can send one like that to me anytime! ;) Even if I say no hexies.


I instantly saw the alien preying manis. And this is why I don't join these groups, because I'm afraid of how my blocks will turn out. But I loved your preying mantis!


Penny, Penny, Penny. Snicker snicker LOL!


I saw your block on heather's blog first and thought it was awesome! I saw LMS's little sprouts and then yours and thought how well they went together! Of course, when I look at it from Lenny's perspective, I see the praying mantis arms. But only when I try to see it!


i like the iris/alien/bug block. i think it could add just the right amount of interest to the whole quilt. that is what i find fascinating right now. how one block that looks a little "off" can be just right when viewed within a quilt top. i believe your friend when she says she loves it.


You are too hard on yourself! I'd love to receive either block! They're unique and fab- even with the "little shop of horrors" reference.

krista - Poppyprint

I'm new to bees this year and the very first block (the VERY first one!), I misread the instructions and made it the wrong size. Luckily plenty of extra fabric was sent along so I could make a second one, but it taught me to be careful, very careful, when reading the instructions!

I heart both of your blocks and I bet Lucinda does, too! Her work is wonderfully wonky (her chairs, sigh) and interesting and your blocks here fit right in with her style, I think!


I love both of your blocks and I'm sure the recipient does, too! They are both very fun.

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Ooh, you so have me laughing! I can totally see the praying mantis now that you say it. But, really, I'm sure she'll be happy with them. Too funny!

BTW, I linked to your QAYG quilt-along in my post yesterday. Thanks for showing us how!

Crafty Mermaid

love, love, love the hexagon block


I actually like the "alien" block! It makes me smile. Even though it wasn't your intent, I think it would add a wonderful bit of whimsy and lightheartedness to a quilt.


A bee I am in had its first month in February. The idea was great...inspiration from the Washington DC subway system. When it started, I had soooo many good idea floating around in my head but could NOT for the life of me get them into fabric. So I waited until the end, looked at what others were doing and wound up with the simplest blocks (out of VERY good fabric so I didn't feel as bad) that matched the theme and sent them. I felt so bad and the QB was sooo sweet! But I knew they were not what she wanted (or what I wanted to send). It happens. I figure the QB can always use the fabric if she (or he) doesn't care for the block. Anyway....long story, but I so get your anxiety! btw...beautiful hexies...I would love them!

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