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18 March 2011


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Cute mug rug! what a great idea! And now you have me wondering what Skinny Vanilla Creme Diet Dr. Pepper would taste like...


cute mug rug penny! and now I'm really thirsty for a yummy drink...But I'm so funny because I'm thinking what vanilla liquor would do for the drink. ;)


Cute mug rug!! I can't wait to see your tutorial!


Oh my gosh your mug rug is too cute for words! I love your vision! Good for you on going with what you love on the cameo - I know when I try to do something I'm not comfortable with, it ends horribly.


All I could do is smile at the sight of your mug rug. I'm still smiling and I can't even see it as I type my comment.


penny, you are so great! yeah, the mug rug is cute with it's visions of sunshine under the umbrella - but you had me at Dr. Pepper vanilla creme. Oh my word. I'm in trouble.

(Okay, really, that is an AWESOME mug rug. I'm just having a soda love affair lately.)


Penny I am ALL OVER that float recipe! YUM! AND the mug rugs might have just sparked my ambition to be crafty. I've been in a craft slump and those things are cute.


glad to see you perfected the recipe! see you wednesday


Hello Penny,

It is really very nice mug rug. I prepared vanilla cream Dr. Pepper. My hubby really liked it. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

Cynthia Lally T
Kitchen Faucet Reviews

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