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25 April 2011


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Katherine Higgins

Thanks for the giveaway! I've been eyeing those mags...


So many amazing patterns! I particularly love the TV one... I want one to hang on the wall above our TV.

Penny G

Love the fact that you have projects in both magazines. Congratulations.


Congrats on all the projects! I really love them, especially those chicken potholders!

Marianne Duvendack

I always need good reading material! Love love love the telly. What a hoot.


What great projects! Congratulations on being part of 2 great magazines!


i discovered your blog just a few weeks ago and have been following it since! i too am featured in the current issue of Stitch (first feature ever!) and am so excited to be there with the likes of talented (and well known) people like you and Malka Dubrawsky. We're not pet owners, but my daughter would love that cat house for her pet toys!

emily hedrick

Wow! Nice job Penny and thanks for the giveaway!


Cor blimey!... Alice (my cat) needs one of those houses and a fishy mat...fab projects!


Nice projects, the chicken potholders are my fav. I think or hope everyone is understanding about low comment returns. I've had a lull, but most times it is unavoidable.

Sarah C.

I love that fishy mat!! What a great way to use up scraps - of course all of the projects are good for that, it seems! Thanks for the chance to win!!


Thanks for the giveaway. I'm dying to have the pattern for the chicken potholders. I have a friend who has a kitchen decorated with chickens.



Dear Penny,I'm so thankful for this giveaway.It's been a very difficult 6 mos.Thankfully my daughter is healing soon her neck brace will be off and we're making some plans for her new house.Yes we too have been blessed!Soon I'll be back to my quilting (these 2 books are stimulating new ideas)projects,patterns and other designs in my head.Thx for the opportunity.


That Patchwork magazine is high up on my wishlist! It looks like there are so many fantastic projects that I need to try! Thanks for the chance!

Renee E.

The cat house is sew cute!


Sign me up! And no guilt is allowed in blogging! We should all understand that those God has placed within arm's reach come before virtual friends!!

Rose Leschinsky

Hahahaha! The new-original FLAT SCREEN!


I love your projects. The flat screen telly is great!


Great patterns all round you talented ladies!

Deserae Fiedler

Great projects! :)


Oh I would love to win! I haven't seen either of these in Australia before. I love your work Penny!


Love all those projects, esp. the cat house and telly!


So cute...love your telly and cathouse!
Thanks for a great giveaway!


I love that patchwork vase!! Ahh-dorable :)


I love your blog. Thanks for the giveaway!!


I love your projects, I've been needing to make a cat mat for a while and this one is perfect!

Katie B

Great projects! I'd love to win.

nicke cutler

Congrats! I am very happy for you! I think it would be amazing to be PUBLISHED!


I think answering in comments is completely acceptable & I'll bet more than one person does indeed have the same question, so no worries there!
This is a really great giveaway...I haven't seen these magazines in real life anywhere locally :(


Really unique projects - love all the tiny postage stamp patchwork!


Congratulations!!! How exciting to have projects shown in the magazines!


Exciting, Exciting, you have your own unique style. TY for giveaway.


:) I was just looking at your little TV quilt last night while watching a tense movie with dh, and thinking "she hasn't blogged about that yet, has she?" Thanks so much for linking to me, I'm glad you like the chickens!
p.s. don't enter me in the contest, I already have both magazines :D


how fun!! Would love to own either one of those mags...


Love the fish mat! Both of these mags look like alot of fun.


WOW! You really have been busy and I'd love to have the mags which I havenl't seen here in Iowa. Your ideas are so cute and novel. What a creative bend you have! Lots of talent there.
Miss you!!


I've been scouring the shelves looking for that 101 Patchwork Projects magazine! And, did you see Ayumi's log cabin slippers in the newest Stitch???? I love 'em! Heaps and lots!

Angie Platten

So darling! LOVE that cat house! I'd be thrilled to be a winner!
princessburninghair (at) cox (dot)net


I would love to win either one. Thanks for the giveaway!


Penny, I love your blog, all the projects you show and your generous nature!
And I love that kitty house! I've been wanting to make something like it for one of my cats. He loves going inside things and napping. Think he'd love it!
Thanks for the giveaway too!


How fun, I would love to win a copy of either magazine - thank you for the chance.

Wendy Close

Thanks for the opportunity.


Great giveaway! Love the magazine, but don't have it yet!


LOVE that patchwork TV! Hoping to make it this summer with my daughter who also thinks it's great :)


I love your TV, Penny. And it's so exciting to know somebody famous :)

Victoria Paige

How exciting to have your work published in a magazine. Thanks for sharing these copies with us.


Congrats on getting published again! Thanks for the great giveaway!


What great magazines. Thanks for the opportunity!


Such cute projects, I love your patchwork telly that is brilliant!


I need to go pick up those magazines. I love all the projects in Stitch.

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