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25 April 2011


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Kim D.

Congrats on the publications! Thanks for the chance to win the magazines, those are adorable patterns.


Amazing projects, I really need to pick up these magazines more often!


Holy Cow Penny! You have been busy! You're getting all famous and such ;-)LOL! Congrats! I keep looking at that Stitch magazine and thinking I wanted to buy it. You know why I wanted it?? To make your TV quilt but get this....I didn't even know you were its creator! How did I miss that? Anyway, I think it will be EXCELLENT in my new sewing area :-)

Hugs to ya girl and keep the awesome projects coming!!


all your projects are darling - love the patchwork tv especially!

Elizabeth D. @ Don't Call Me Betsy

Penny, I love that patchwork TV, it's adorable!!!!


I think your projects are adorable and now I think my cats deserve a way cuter eating area!


My kitties would love to have houses. Though one of them might be a little too "fluffy" to fit in. Thanks for the giveaway!


fun projects! I hadn't seen 101 patchwork projects, so fun!


Would love to win either copy of the magazines, thanks for the chance.


Ooh I'd love to get my hands on one of those mags! :) Congrats on being published!


My daughter is a total urbanite, and very few of my "quilted" projects agree with her lifestyle, but she does have two cats, and the fish mat is something that I know she would love - if I use the right color scheme! Thanks for the giveaway, should be fun working son some new quick projects.


Fantastic! Thank you for hosting the giveaway Penny. Honestly, I love the cat mat, but I think I really need one for the dog first.


diane stanley

thanks for the giveaway. I have to get that Stitch magazine. It looks so great and the photos are very inspiring.


your patterns are darling of course Penny! So adorable. And I love the fishy mat. I've actually made one of those for kitty, but I like ayumi's better. ;)

Oh and don't let me win the 101 Patchwork magazine. I have my own. :)

Petra (Creative Mom)

Congratulations!! Love the projects.


I can't keep up with you but I really enjoy reading about your quilting adventures. You take great pictures too!

kelly whitaker

Thanks for the chance to win!

Natalie christensen

Great projects! Even though I don't have a cat I can think of some other great uses. Thanks!

Deb DeChurch

Looks like some super projects! I'd love to win either mag.


Awesome! Congrats!


Penny--Can I just say that I love your cat house? My little guy would just die of happiness if I made him one of those....hehe. :) Great projects all around! That TV wall quilt makes me happy!


oh swoon, i would love to win the patchwork magazine, i saw it at the store but could not afford the $20 price tag.

and congrats on having your beautiful projects featured in both issues!


Oh sooooo darling! The projects look like alot of fun.



Penny, I love your blog and LOVE the patch work stool pattern I bought. I am in love with Stitch and am really interested in the patchwork magazine.


I love those magazines, cannot buy them here in France. I would love to win one of them. Thanks for this giveaway!!!
Greetings from France


So many times I read a comment/question in the comments section of blogs only to realize that the answer probably will not be addressed to everyone. Thanks for including everyone in the discussion.


I would love to win one of these magazines. They are amazing. Thanks for the chance to win.


Wow Penny -- Congratulations! Such fun projects! Are you going to market?


Those magazines have such good things in them this issue! Congratulations on getting something published in both of them.

<3 Lora; feltslc@plu.edu


Great ideas! Thanks for the chance!

Cherie Godbey

Love the cat house! Too cute!!!

Karin @ Quilt Frenzy

OH MY! what wonderful projects! I especially LOVE the chicken potholders! I would love to make some of those!!!


Go, you! Way to go with the mag love. :)


Love those projects - the cat house (haha) is too cute! Lucky kitty - a house, and a fishy mat! ;)


congratulations on the cool patterns being published...must feel sooo good!


Seriously how cute is that kitty house?! I've often thought about whether or not to answer questions directly on my comment area or to email. Usually I send an email. I think I might do both depending on the case.


I love your blog!
Stitch magazine looks so good - I'd love to win a copy!


I would love to win a copy of either magazine. Thank you for being so generous! =)


Wow, congratulations on the publishes! all great projects, fantastic work!

Shannon Brott

Thank you for the chance to give these two wonderful magazines. I am loving both of them....

Thanks for the chance...Crossing my fingers...

Shannon Margaret


So many wonderful things in one post! I've fallen in love with Stitch.

The cat house is adorable. I know a few kids that would be crawling in there too.

The TV wall hanging is crazy! I love it. What a fun accessory.

The fish mat is such a fun thing to help brighten up an area.


How exciting! It must be awesome to see your work in print!

Thanks for the giveaway!


Awesome projects! Thanks for the chance to win!

Elizabeth McDonald

Oh, what a great giveaway! Both of these magazines look fabulous!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

I'd love to have a look at those magazines. Of the projects you shared, your telly is my favorite. What a great statement!


Hello! I think you are smart to answer questions in the comments. I always appreciate your responses and thank you for sharing your time and talent. Happy Easter!


Luv, luv, luv the magazines, especially the patchwork one. Luv your projects too - so wimsy & fresh!


Hooray - your projects look great! That patchwork telly is so cool :-D! Thanks for the giveaway - I'd love one of those mags. Am in desperate need of spring inspiration!


so cute!


I'd love a copy of either one! Thanks!

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