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04 April 2011


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I love the little mushrooms or the ice cream cones. They are all so cute!


They are all so cute! I really like the ice cream cones and the gnome, but the one I like most is up on her banner, the birds and nest. Beautiful. Great idea, too!


I ♥ the Gnome and Ladybug! btw-I really enjoy your blog - interesting, fun, new! thanks!!


Gnomes and mushrooms are my faves -- so cute!!

Rose Leschinsky

I loooooove the cupcakes. Who wouldn't.


The sweet set is my favorite!!


My favorite set is the ice cream cones. Love my ice cream! Thanks for the giveaway.


ohhh i the ice cream is too cute...and ive seen christine do a mean green eggs and ham!!

Kelly O.

I think my fave is the little sewing set you have to give away but next are those sweet ice cream cones! Although I do adore that little chocolate bar :)
it might make me crave chocolate while sewing mind you:)


the moustaches are darling!!!


Love the little sewing set, but I don't see it in her store...maybe she sold out? Second choice would that cute bumblebee and fruit set...
Thanks for a chance to win a set..

paulettte Doyle

Love these sweet little sewing pins!! The sewing theme is my favourite (of course- we ARE quilters!!) but they weren't listed so I will go with the Gnome set...also very sweet!! Thanks for the chance to win!!
Take care!

Nancy D.

I love the Candy and Sweets. Between the two you have shown though, I think the cupcakes are adoreable. Thanks!

Kelly Jackson

Those are so fun. Very difficult to say...I'm liking the cupcakes....but I love ice cream....so can I say I like them both the best?



I love the ice-cream cones!


It has to be the sewing inspired set, particularly the buttons, but I also love the cute hedgehog.


I love the gnome with the hedgehog in the banner, but I'm sure the ladybug is cute too! Also the fruit. I would have to say the sewing set is my favorite, but not on her page today.


They are all so cute, but I'm a big Poirot fan, so I'd have to say the moustaches are my favourite.

Alice R.

Tee hee - yours! The sewing set. The gnomes were probly cute too, but those were gone by the time I saw this.

Tiffany Fischer

I like the gnome and lady bug set, so cute!


I like the cupcakes the best. A garden theme would be cute for this time of year.


the fruit and bee set are my favorite! so sweet.


Definitely the gnome and ladybug set! They are so sweet!


How stinkin cute! I think my fave is the gnome and the ladybug set.


These are so adorable! My favorite has to be the fruit.

kelly whitaker

My favorite food is ice cream... so those ice cream cones are a hit with me!


I am totally torn between the cute sewing themed pins you have here and the mustache pins in her store!!!

kristine hanson

icecream cones!!


those are so cute. i LOVE the mustaches. so clever.


I love them all...but the sweets are sweet! Adorable!


Love them all...but I'd choose the mushrooms. What a super cute idea!!

Pattie C

I've always wanted to get some of these, so cute, the gnome and mushrooms are awesome.


Definitely the Gnome set! How ADORABLE!!! :o)


They are super cute. I like the icecream cones.

Marci Girl

Gnome and Ladybug set for sure! I like the fruit second, so cute! This is such a great gift for the sewer in your life!


I love the candy set or the sewing kit that you have displayed. My two faves in life!

krista - Poppyprint

Totally fun - I love Christine's matchbook packaging. I've gotta go with chocolate sweets!


gnomes and ladybugs is the best!

Carla Louise

I love the cupcakes! Sew cute!


Those are fun. I like the gnome, the bee (in the fruits) and the mustaches which make me chuckle.


Too Cute! My favorites are the cupcakes -- although the little ice cream cones sure are cute!


I just love the candy and the gnomes and ice cream cones! So cute!


I heart the gnome and ladybug set the most. The mustaches are a close second. They are all so lovely and cute. I have now added some to my Etsy favs folder.


we have to pick a favorite? I don't know! The gnomes and mushrooms are pretty cute! But I think I like the cupcakes you got the best!

hope you are having a great week! :)


I LOVE the 4 piece fruit set! The lemon slice is amazing!


I love the ice cream cones. Such cute pins!


My fav are the ice cream cones.....so cute!!


I love the chocolate sweets set. Yummylicious!


I like the sewing theme set but also the fruit set - very cute!


I heart the weeeeee cupcakes! So sweet!

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