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04 April 2011


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Definitely the wee gnome set - what a cutie! Thanks!

Destiny Lair

I am in love with the cupcake set and hedgehog in her banner!


Oh how I love them all! But I'm particularly fond of the gnome and lady bug ones!

Carol in E TN

Actually the very best one I like is the Sewing pin tops in the giveaway. They are adorable.


i like the chocolate swirls!


cupcakes!!!!! but I also loved the gnome!

Lisa Marie

I just love the ice cream cones. What a unique product!


Oh, cupcakes, ice cream, chocolate, sweats..... so many things to love. I'm getting fatter just looking!


gnome set is so cute...they look like lots of fun!


Love the gnome and the ladybird set. Love, Love, Love!!!!


I love the gnome, and the cupcakes, and the mushrooms! Really, I love them all. :)


I'm torn between the tiny fruits and the mustaches. So cute!


The sewing set is my favorite, perfect beside my Featherweight!

Sandra Davidson

So cute! I love the cupcakes.

Patty D from NC

ice cream cones and chocolate sweets look good enough to eat! Thanks!


adorable - and even tougher to resist with a coupon code - thank you! I think I need the cute little mushrooms!


How adorable... How could you choose which ones you like best? I do really like the ice cream cones... Thanks for the giveaway!


Oh my goodness...the mustaches are so cute!

Deserae Fiedler

I love the ice cream cones!


Those are so cute and adorable! I like the set that has the jelly roll, chocolate and he ice cream. So cute!!!


I like the fruit pins...adorable!


pintoppers cupcakes and ice cream cones are my faves -- thanks for this cute giveaway alternate email mlwright29 (at)hotmail(dot)com


They are all so cute. Hard to pick just one but my favorite is the mustache set.


Our guild just had a pin cushion swap. These would have been perfect to add. My favorite is the gnome.


My favorite is the cup cakes. I guess I've been watching too much TV about cup cake wars....LOL


I think the ice cream cones are soooo cute!!Thanks!:)


Oh, they all look so yummy/adorable, but I would have to say the Chocolate Sweets are my favorites, since I'm a big time chocoholic! Thanks for the chance, and WOW to Christine for her fantastic talent (and eyes...)

Susan K

I love love love the sweet little cupcakes

Bird and Bicycle

The gnomes and ladybug!!! OMG so cute.

angela d.

I love the ice cream cones! I saw some of these at the Heather Ross weekend in palm springs. Christine does a great job!

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