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01 April 2011


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Loving the idea of Minky..... even the word makes you want to use it!


Minky feels so soft. Thanks for sharing your tips.


Thanks for sharing. I would never have thought to use Minky for backing. The quilt is sure pretty.


I just bought some minky for backing on a baby blanket. Glad to know its not so difficult, I was a little worried! Great post!


The quilt is beautiful. Thanks for the tips!

krista - Poppyprint

Thanks for the post! I've never backed with minky but it would be so dreamy for a baby quilt!

I've pieced with minky and I think that's where the shedding worries come in, but if you want to cut it and piece it, here's a tip. Cut your squares, then throw the pieces into the drier on cool air setting and all of the lint will blow off into your lint trap. That will help the shedding a lot. Then you have to pin the crap out of it and if you use a walking foot, sew slowly and increase your stitch length to about a 3...all helps! Oh yeah, and don't forget to clean out your machine when you're done.


that is a great quilt, Carmen! thanks for sharing your minky tips. i'm still in the "i'm afraid to use it" camp.

kelly whitaker

I've used minky on the back of a child's bed size quilt (small than a twin) and was amazed at how easy it quilted up (using cotton batting). I have a tin lizzie on a frame and was a bit concerned about it getting stretched, but I had absolutely no problems! I've done a lot of home machine quilting too and know it would work out just as well. So if you haven't used it yet, try it on your next child's quilt. I have some brown/blue dotted minky waiting to go on my grandson's quilt this weekend.

nicke cutler

I use minky all of the time on baby quilts. I love it and the babies do too!


sooooo cute! I love minky - but i usually just make a simple square blanket with it, I've been too intimidated to try quilting it. maybe I'll do that next time! Thanks for sharing!


Love the tute. I have made blankets with it before and really struggles.... sooo strechy.

I thought you might enjoy this link:



I just did my first one with minky a month or two ago, too. My sister has made several with minky for her boys, and they just LOVE them. I quilted it in stripes, so I agree with your simple quilting idea. Beautiful quilt!


Very pretty - makes me want to touch it!


Huh.. I would have never THUNK that minky would be easy to back a quilt with! I may have to give it a try... thanks for sharing your experience with us!


I love this quilt and am getting ready to give it a try myself. One question, did you quilt with the minky on the top or bottom when quilting?

Rylee Kettner

I just used minky for the first time as a quilt back as well and loved it too! Was just wondering, did you have a hard time binding it? I broke two needles in half trying to get it through, but I also used double fold binding, so I am not sure which part was the problem.


I am about to attempt my first cotton top/minky bottom machine quilted quilt. doing some research before I dive in. Thank you!


I am about to bind my minky quilt (both top and bottom). Could I just turn the extra backing over the top and topstitch instead of attaching binding?

supra kids shoes

Love those! I enjoy following your posts on facebook and rss!

Heather Klecker

I hope someone can answer!!! So I stupidly ironed out the dots on a minky blanket I made.... Is there anyway to get them back?

Lori Andruchiw

I have only ever made quilts with minky. But I love the material and pattern of the quilt top. Do you have a name for the pattern?

Rosie Toonen

Wow thanks for this blog post! I have just finished a quilt top for my daughter, the quilt is large single bed size. It's all purple aqua and white. I bought lavender minky (plain, no spot) to back it, binding in darkest purple cotton. Think it will look great but I'm a bit nervous. your article has given me confidence, lets see how I go!!
Rosie x

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