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15 May 2011


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I wanted to get the G12, but opted for a Canon SD4000,mostly because of the size. I've heard great things about the G series and it should give you lots of flexibility. the photo editor at the newspaper where I work always recommends the G series.


love those yoyos! ive made a hot pot before by making yoyo's around bottle caps.
and i gave it away,,,,shoulda kept it , it took forever!!
i love the camera strap. i too , would like a nice canon, will be back to see what you think of yours. xx

Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts

Penny, I got a new camera recently and love it. It's a Nikon Cool Pix 500- so a toddler camera too. My old one was a canon point and shoot and this one is amazing. Takes fabulous pictures. I just definitely need a cute camera strap!
Good luck with the yoyo quilt. Should be cute!


Hand sewing ANYTHING is the PERFECt camping activity!!! Plan ahead and hand quilt or applique as well!!! Have fun on all those trips you're planning. Then I thought...maybe you're trying for a big yo-yo quilt. Is that it? If it is...then I guess you'll be making yo-yos all summer. :)

sue brown

your camera looks very cute with it's strap cover on.
I own a Nikon D50 DSLR, I have had it for about 5 years now and I love everything about it.

diane stanley

I got a Nikon D 5000 from Mr. Romance for Christmas and learn something new about photography everyday. Now I need a cute camera strap and I am on my way. making hexagons by hand would be fun too.


I love your camera strap cover! Can you recommend a tute for this as I'd love to make one for my camera!


Love the camera strap.... and look forward to seeing the yo yo quilt finished.Happy camping!


My mom used to take her grandmothers flower garden back packing. She used an altoid tin with magnet strips to hold onto needles and notions. Shed get one or two flowers done a trip.

amy (badskirt)

I'm not big on yoyos (or suffolk puffs as they call them here), but my boss loves them and wants to make a "curtain" of them. If you don't get enough for your quilt, maybe you'd like a small curtain?


I just got a new camera as well! I upgraded to a DSLR, the Canon Rebel T3i. So far I love it, but I need to learn a lot more about it! I love your camera strap too! I definitely need to make one for myself!


I want a compact camera like the G12, but with really good low light capability. Maybe something like a Leica (but at a lower price!) I have an SLR and we have a G9 now.

We camp a lot and I have been trying to look for a Singer featherweight, but keep missing out on them. So, in the meantime, it's hand sewing or knitting. The latest hand sewing I want to try are these stars at http://lifeunderquilts.blogspot.com/

Have you seen those before? I love the result of them.


Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a few days early. It's the 18th ladies. Hope it's a great one. Wish I was there to spoil you with a cake! LOL
Have fun taking those pics.


Wow, there is an in-between for cameras?! I'm so glad to know that! I hope you enjoy the handwork!


your new camera and strap look great! have fun with it!

i LOVE your solution to summer sewing. i'm having the same issues....don't want to be strapped to my sewing machine all summer. i love the idea of a large yo yo quilt. how big are your yo's? :)

krista - Poppyprint

Well, your G12 is certainly a big girl camera compared to my 'vintage' G3!!! I usually shoot with my tiny Canon Powershot now, but one day I'd love a DLSR that can handle low light conditions. My only advice (because I think your photos are already great!) would be to have fun with the macro setting. I love mine.

Your yo-yos are so cute! I also enjoy embroidering in summer. Have fun on your many camping trips, Penny!


cute strap! that's a great camera. My brother was coveting it. I love my dslr, without it I wouldn't get any pics of my crazy fast girls. And the hand sewing sounds so fun as well as the camping, I'm jealous! no trips planned here :(


i think a yo yo quilt is a terrific on the go project! i think the weight of a yoyo quilt is yummy! happy birthday to you!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

yumm... Yoyos have been calling me. You're off to a great start.


Ooh I love your new camera (and strap--of course!) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an equally generous gift from my hubby. In the meantime, I look forward to living vicariously through your camping photos!!


Happy Birthday, mine is this week as well and I received some pretty fabric today for it. :) Good luck with your yo-yos, I have yet to try hand piecing/quilting a quilt yet, maybe soon...it looks like it would be great during camping trips.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Yay for a new camera - could a blogger get anything sweeter? I got a Sony DSC-H2 for Christmas, and I've yet to really read the manual - it's important - if you want to take good pics, you MUST read the manual! [Preaching to myself here, sigh]. Take a gazillion pics, as much as you can. I love your camera strap - I need to make one, can you believe I haven't done that?

Enjoy your yo-yo's, your camping, your new camera, and your BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday, Penny and congrats on your new camera. Hand-sewing is definitely a great solution for the summer. Amanda Jean just posted a beautiful quilt hand-sewn too called apple pie. I have done yo yos too though only 25 or so. I used 25 unique scraps to make the yo yos, sewed them together into a 5x5 grid and mounted in a shadow box to commemorate a 25th anniversary for my mom. It was adorable (if I do say so myself.) Enjoy the process of whatever you choose to do.


happy birthday! why shouldn't you celebrate all week!? Have fun with the yoyo's. I work on my hexies quilt in the summer (since 2008!). although my husband did bring a very long extension cord from our cottage to the dock so that I can sew by the lake. LOL. Happy camping !


I love your new camera strap, and congratulations on the new camera! I hope you are having a fabulous birthday week! Good luck on your yo-yo's. They are so addictive and fun. I started a yo-yo quilt a long time ago, and I think this is the summer to finish it up. My yo-yos have been to the beach six times, Mesa Verde, Yellowstone, Deadwood, Great Smoky Mtns., and many more places over the past several years, and it is a great take-a-long project.


Happy Birthday, Penny! I'm so happy that y'all have some fun camping trips planned. I've been wanting to get back out there, too, but we're still in transition. It's been a long time for us.

Congratulations on your new camera. Great second step! :-) The strap is, of course, adorable. I can't imagine anything from your hand NOT being completely adorable.


I'd love a solar-powered sewing machine! There has to be a market for that.... {grin} I tried yo-yo's this winter, but didn't really like the process (and I have the yo-yo maker) so this summer I aim to revisit my hand-pieced hexagons and also tackle knitting. Both of those seem fairly portable for our camping trips. Eeek! Our unit comes out of storage this weekend and then we're off and running. I can't wait!


I wanted to make a market lanyard before I went but it didn't happen. It would have looked a lot like this! Super cute.


Happy belated Birthday! I also just got a new camera, but it's not quite toddler material. Maybe it's in the crawling/learning to stand stage ;) I got a Canon Power Shot, so it also has the option of Manual vs. Auto and I love it! I love to photgraph things but just can't spend a ton of money on a super camera. This is, however, a huge step up from our 7 year old Kodak Easyshare. I only wish I had the slots on both sides for a real camera strap :( I love yours though!


happy birthday to you! i'd like to get a big girl camera one day, but i'll probably upgrade my sewing machine first. one step at a time...
love the strap and the yo-yo's. i never got into yo-yo's, but i'm sure that seeing your project will change my mind :)


Travel stuff is great. I'm making an applique raindrop quilt.

Happy happy lady!



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