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12 June 2011


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Fabulous. I love the idea of nindless sewing, somwtimes that's just what you need!look forward to the finished quilt!


....did I just type nindless? and somwtimes?
need I say more? Mindless indeed!

diane stanley

oh how I love this tumbler quilt.


so cute Penny!!! :) I like your version of this.


Pretty! So, how long does it take to cut out enough tumblers for 3 quilts with the Go?


Really cute!

Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts

I love this- such happy fabrics. :)


Oh, great -- now I have that song in my head. :-) Your tumbler quilt is gorgeous! Lots of fun fabrics.


this is lovely! I'm looking forward to see what it will look like turned and quilted!


Penny I just had to leave a comment letting you know how much I LOVE your Blog and your tutorials too. You are truly inspirational.
Patti xxx


çok güzel.


Those colors are so fun! I love your photo with the light coming through the back.


the more I see this pattern the more I enjoy it.


Love it, Penny! Well done :)


so cool penny! it looks beautiful. I always love your fabric choices.


ooo, this will soon by in my realm of possibility - and maybe yours again! (details coming soon on my blog!). I love the tumbler and all of the fabrics you have used for this one - gorgeous.


How beautiful! A tumbler quilt has been on my to-do list for ages.


So pretty to see the colors and the sun streaming through.

Will you clarify something for me? Does turn a quilt mean that you'll stack the top + the bottom (right sides together) + the batting, sew along the perimeter and then turn? Then you pin and hand quilt? Thanks!

PS. I like how you have created quilting projects you can take hiking.


Love the tumbler quilt ~ it looks lovely. And a Yoyo along? A friend gave me something that helps to make them, so maybe I'll join you, sounds interesting. Plus, I've always wanted to make one.


Very cute Penny! I've had a kit for a tumbler quilt for a long time -- too many other projects keep getting in the way!

Jonah Lisa

Wow. How have I missed this block. I have somehow never seen a tumbler quilt and I am in love. I have half the square cut for simple charm quilt for my daghter's bed but now I'm hinking of turning it into a Tumbler instead. I love the look. Simple but a little interest.


Lindsey, we had a system going on. One person ironed the fat quarters, another folded them so we could get 6 tumblers from each, and then I cut them and it took us probably 2 hours? Maybe a bit more?

Suzanne, yes. I layer in this order the backing, right side up, the top right side down, and then the batting and sew around the edges, leaving a 4 inch hole or so to turn. Then turn it and press, and then quilt it. That's how I did my "pretty hexie" quilt and it turned out so nice!


I love it,it`s stunning!!


I really love tumblers. But yours are alive and beautiful. YOur fabric calls to me.


Love your tumbler quilt. This is the second one I've seen in blogland this week. This pattern is on my 'to do' list for sure. And I'm right this minute jumping off the fence and joining the yo-yo quilt along except it will be a winter quilt along for me :) and not sure how big I will make it yet.


Penny, this is so happy and fun! Just love your combo of colors and prints!!!
; )


Thanks, Penny! I did that on a small wall hanging with a mitered border and I really loved how it looked. I can't wait to see your finished quilt.


I love the idea of the yo yo quilt. I was taught to make yoyo's when I was just a girl by my grandmother. It seems they made them a lot for many purposes, clothing as well as quilts. I think I am going to have to get one of the makers to make it portable for appts during the summer. It is harder to knit in the summer.
I will check back and see how it is going.


i received a lovely box of tumblers in my mail today. thank you, sweet friend. i'm so excited to put them together into a quilt top. i love your idea of turning it and then quilting it. i might have to consider doing the same. thanks for the fabric!

and i guess i'm going to be working on yo yo's too! ;) i might as well. i have PLENTY of fabric to use.


OOH, I love these cups! Playful colors!

Jody Blue

That is crazy cute and fun! So vintage looking.

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