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25 June 2011


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Wow! How cool is that! I don't usually like chickens (exept their breasts lol)... but this one was nice. Maybe she'll get a distant cousin in Norway!

Hugs from Kirsten


Oh that is so cute, I have to check it out for myself, thanks for sharing!


So cute. I may have to attempt one!

sue brown

LOL that's so cute.


Oh, that's very cute! I can see why you were tempted.


aw, love it Penny! I think I need to make some of those. :)


oh, Penny, this is just too cute, love the little comb sticking out!


Adorable! I love the 3D comb. Isn't it nice to whip up a quick project sometimes?


I have some chicken lovers in my life who'd be all over this bird. I love how your ruffled her feathers.


love this penny, so cute!


I love it! This made me smile so big. :D I love the colors you used. :) :)

krista - Poppyprint

haha, that's so funny!!!


That's so cute... project no 985 on my list!


So clucking adorable :-D

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Doesn't get cuter than that! What a funny gift that could be...


So cute! I have to make one of these for my mom. She LOVES chickens.


adorable!!! absolutely adorable!


Everything you do is so cute.

nellie diaz

very cute boot pattern and chicken block


That is adorable, thanks for sharing.

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