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19 June 2011


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Jenny Archibald

I just finished my last yoyo!!!! 1008 yo-yos completed. whew!!


I'm finally caught up with your yo-yo count! I'm having a lot of fun with this project!

Karen Lange

Hi, I hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year.

I was wondering about the status of your yo-yo-along which I joined last year.




I inherited hundreds of my grandmothers "yoyo's". Never knew how to make more or how to finish the blanket. I am so excited to now know how!


How do I get your second tutorial on the yo yo quilt please

Lynette Skoglund Kleve

Fun! I'm hooked and I've got nearly 100 rounds of fabric cut to make the yo-yo's so far. :-D

Shirley McKinley

Here is how I cut the fabric for the yoyo maker. I feel it saves time and frustration.
With my rotary cutter I cut SQUARES of fabric about 5/8" larger than the diameter of the yoyo maker. I center it in the yoyo maker, snap the 2nd piece in and then I trim the fabric to approximately 1/4" larger than the yoyo circle . I can cut several pieces at a time and insert them easily into the yoyo maker. I have a "pile" of over 900 yoyo's waiting to be sewn together and this tutorial was just the PERFECT one to show me how to sew them together. Thanks for your information.

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